December 2010

My Business Goals for 2011

December 31, 2010

This year has been challenging with its up's and down's, and to be honest the year has just flown past so fast, it seems like yesterday when I was in London for the fire work display to enter 2010. This year has been more of a learning experience for me, in setting up and testing […]

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Resolutions for Business Success

December 30, 2010

The New Year presents the perfect opportunity to set some new goals for your business success. Big business or small, resolutions can be important to achieving your goals, but they aren’t much good unless you follow through with them throughout the remainder of the year. If you’re interested in coming up with a few good […]

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Simple Things that Improve Efficiency and Time

December 30, 2010

When its time to call it a day at the end of each  shift, we all wish we had completed so and so task during the day, which we had planned out at the beginning, and the day is now finished and we still have priority tasks that are still pending. We have all experienced […]

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Green Business Resolutions

December 28, 2010

The start of a new year can be a perfect time to resolve yourself and your business to making some changes; and these changes may come in the form of a greener, more eco-friendly operation. If you’re looking for ideas for green business resolutions, here are a few thoughts to consider that might make your […]

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Outsourcing to a Company vs Individual Freelancers for Your Web Development Project

December 27, 2010

Outsourcing is contracting a company or a person to do certain tasks for you. It is a trending business for the recent years especially in the online market. Considering the lower budget costs convinced many businesses to switch project productions and developments from local to offshore outsourcing. There are also other benefits such as that […]

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A Smile Can Do Wonders

December 23, 2010

Earlier this month I decided to take the bus to the office due to the weather conditions since I was unable to drive. As I walked down the road at 7.30AM to catch the bus it felt good, as it had been a while since I last used public transport, and getting some good fresh […]

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“I’m a great believer in life in saying yes and not saying no… and hopefully making people smile.”

December 21, 2010

–Richard Branson  English entrepreneur, chairman of Virgin Group Having a positive attitude in business will help a lot, and go a long way. Every time you’re  faced with an objection or a requirement of a client, and if you turn around and say “yes no problem” that will make your client feel better, and also […]

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Is the Internet e-commerce making us lazy?

December 17, 2010

The internet can offer so much for the convenience of people. It is already part of everyday living to many around the world, it’s become a necessity in our day-to-day life just like our other utilities such as Water and Electric. Its changed the way we live our day to day lives, and it seems […]

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The Online Entrepreneur

December 14, 2010

There are so many websites online stating you can make money online using various methods and techniques, and there are thousands of people searching online everyday on how to make money online. By choosing one of these online methods or techniques to generate an income does this mean that your an online entrepreneur?….. Not quite! […]

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Find out how the World Searched with Google’s 2010 Zeitgeist

December 11, 2010

Google has added a video on YouTube which re-lives  top events and moments from 2010 from around the globe. The Text List Capturing The Spirit Of 2010 Searches Is As Follows: Fastest Rising chatroulette ipad justin bieber nicki minaj friv myxer katy perry twitter gamezer facebook Fastest Falling swine flu wamu new moon mininova susan […]

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