June 2011

Google Going Social

June 30, 2011

  Google has made various attempts in the past to tap into the Socail Networking market, and this week again, it has launched its latest attempt which can actually give Facbook and other networking sites a run for their money. Google + could actually be your one stop Socail networking site, and change the way […]

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Are Rules Set in Stone?

Are Rules Set in Stone June 27, 2011

We sometimes feel that we have to carry out our task as they have been mentioned in the instructions, or as advised online, or described by an expert. Which we should  be, as at times we need a bit of guidance and direction in helping us achieve what we want to achieve, hence we seek […]

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Solve a problem, money will come…your next Business Idea

Business Ideas June 23, 2011

Everyday around us we see people buying and selling stuff, whether it maybe a service or a product, someone is paying a price to have a solution or a problem resolved. We pay for our problems to be solved, depending on how big of a problem it is for us, we would pay the price […]

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Similarities Between Business and Tennis

Similarities Between Business and Tennis June 20, 2011

I recently joined my local tennis club, as Wimbledon has also started today, playing in my local park meant waiting around for a court to be free, which at times would be hours.  So instead I decided to join my local tennis club, where I had more freedom, of coming and playing when I like, […]

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Effective Communications with your clients

effective communication June 14, 2011

Can you imagine if you did not communicate with your customers well, or your customers did not communicate with you. Imagine if they stopped replying to your emails, or returning your phone calls. For sure alarm bells would start to ring in my mind, to alert me that something's wrong. They could be: Upset with […]

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Safety Tips in Online Bidding

June 8, 2011

The internet not only exists to enhance communication. Despite that there are so many free or cheap services and products online, the internet deals with lots of money. Auction is among those services that requires money for bidding, product buying and delivery. And when there is abundance of money, there can also be plenty of […]

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Managing your Manager: Top Tips for Getting on With your Boss

June 7, 2011

Having a good relationship with your boss, makes your work life a lot more enjoyable, means you are more likely to improve your performance and isn't exactly harmful to your career prospects either. Ensuring your efforts at work are noticed by an appreciative audience is, as far as you're concerned, as important as doing good […]

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Virtual Economy over the Real Economy

June 1, 2011

  Virtual economy has been beneficial to several businesses. It reduces travel and hotel costs for conferences, trainings and much more. We now have online meetings with most of our clients and also do online training with some of my remote staffs; we are able to discuss many things online, face-to-face via Skype. We can […]

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Success in The Online Trading Market

June 1, 2011

There are indeed so many ways to make money online. Some do freelance jobs, some via blogging, online ads affiliate marketing, ecommerce sales, and the list goes on. Others especially those who are willing to invest a certain amount tried or found success in online trading. You can trade almost anything over the Internet, currency […]

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