July 2011

Master Affiliate Marketing

Master Affiliate Marketing July 27, 2011

There are numerous ways of earning online.  However, one of the most popular and income yielding ones is through affiliate marketing.  Interested?  Read on. What is Affiliate Marketing? In Affiliate marketing, you do not really have to do anything – which is why many consider this business to be one of the best passive income […]

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The perfect landing page

July 25, 2011

Everyone in business at times want to advertise and bring in more business and revenue to the business. At times we put our advertising banners on other high traffic websites, such as blogs, portals, and forums, in hope to tap into that extra traffic that will help us in our business. Ideally when we put […]

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“ We can’t think narrowly. We have to think in the biggest possible way. ”

July 15, 2011

By Alice Waters (1944 – ) American chef and writer Don’t we all think? We think of how our business is going, we think and plan our day-to-day activities, we think about our holidays. Its natural, we all love to think, and at times thinking does become a bit of a dream and an imagination or […]

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Are you doing something online?

Make Money Online July 14, 2011

In a time when the world has been put in a serious financial turmoil, people are trying to find different ways of earning additional income to make ends meet.  There are those who choose to have a second job in order to fill up the shortened hours that their current employment has required of them […]

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Importance of Good Friends in Business & Work

Good Friends in Business July 12, 2011

Fiends come to us from infancy, through to old age.  We make friends at nursery, through to university – even at the super market, or even when we are at the doctors waiting room.  Wherever we go, we form friendships of varying strengths, with various people.   Their value remains constant, no matter our age, or […]

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What Makes a good Website

Good Websites July 11, 2011

Have you ever visited a website and gone OMG, do websites like this still exist? does this website actually get any traffic? Does this owner actually make any income of this website? Yes… I do, thanks to Panda updates, not many of such sites come up in search results, but yes they still exist, and […]

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Finding the Best Employee for Your Business

Finding the Best Employe July 8, 2011

The steps you take to prepare for finding the right employee for your business can help push you to the next level of success. You will need to pinpoint exactly what you expect from the new employee. Searching for an employee requires knowing where to look for potential applicants. You will also have to have […]

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Asking the right person for business funding

raise moeny for business July 5, 2011

When starting a business, raising capital can be quite a task, especially these days, when the banks are not lending out as generously as they used to. Now what’s the next best thing on how to raise money for your new business. The first thing you can do is turn to your friends and family, […]

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