November 2011

When to say NO, When to say yes, & Where to draw a line.

When to say no to customers November 28, 2011

Have you ever been in that situation, where to win the sale you have said YES to everything that the customer throws at you. It’s okay, I’m sure we have all been there; I’ve done it couple of times in the past. It’s amazing when we’re growing up we were told to say No to […]

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E-books: Will It Replace The Traditional Paper Books?

Will eBooks Replace the traditional paper books? November 1, 2011

Electronic books or more commonly known as E-books, are in reality, books that are in digital form. These are much more like your conventional books that made of paper – just more advanced and minus the heavy weight. Because of its utmost efficiency, many now say that this innovation may replace conventional books in the […]

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