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by Wasim Ismail on March 22, 2012

Over the last couple of weeks, it seemed that I have been drowning with work or I would say not been very efficient in the day to day business tasks, and at times, it felt I was loosing control, and it was impacting the business overall from customer service, sales, and working on the business in all, but one thing I have learnt is the importance of having a good team around you, which you can really bounce off and basically remind you what you need to do, and most importantly cover your back, so that you can pull up your socks.

Having a good team that can support you, and one that you can delegate tasks too plays an important part in the success of your project and business. Running a business involves multiple tasks, besides just dealing with your customers, for example:

  • managing new enquiries
  • managing the social media presence of your company
  • Updating your blog posts to build your online authority and brand
  • Updating your websites
  • Accounts
  • Working on the business (PR, Marketing, Growing your business)
  • Working in the business (yes its different to the above, this is more hands on tasks of the business).

Now building a good team around you, doesn’t just happen overnight, I once heard someone telling me a quote or a saying that “surround yourself with people that are better than you, and you will do well in your business”. As coming to look at it, you only have 24 hours in a day, and out of that realistically even if you were to stretch it and over work, I would say the most you can work and be productive at the same time would be 12 – 14 hours a day, and when it comes to growing and building your business, a time will come, that you just can’t do it all yourself. If you did want to, you will hit a brick wall, where you will find that your business is not growing, or your just getting burnt out, and looking at the bigger picture, it will start to have an impact on your bottom line.teamwork

So its imperative that you start to build a good team, around you, whether they work with you in the company, or you outsource the work to them, at the end of the day, you know you have them around you to cover and take a load of pressure of your shoulders.

What makes a good team work?

Having  a team around you that can work together seamlessly can do wonders. Below are the main  important points that you as a business owner need to consider when building a good team, so that your business functions without any flaws.

Communication: This should be at the top of your list, good communication can ensure that everything runs smoothly, everyone is kept informed, and we all know what our goals are. Where else bad communication can actually break your organisation up.

As a business owner, ensure that you have good processes in place that all of your team can communicate together, whether you use applications, internal forums, chat rooms, emails, or just general face to face meetings. I use in my Web Solutions company, along with Emails and Instant messenger, which allows all of my team members to collaborate and work together on a project.

Being a good leader: Every team, organisations, or institute, needs a leader that can direct them in the right direction, and take responsible decision. At times you will find yourself in a situation where you would need to step up your game and direct the team, or make decisions as a whole for the company. By having a good leader in your company, whether you decide to do this role yourself, or appoint a team leader, or manager (depending on the size of your company).

Having a good leader than can lead the team, and guide them to ensure that everyone has the same goal and mindset, along with making decisions on whom to add to the team or whom to let go from the team (the Dream Team). Being a leader is not also all about, managing you team and making sure that they carry out their daily tasks, but it’s about who you are as a person, what you do, and what you know. Your actions will reflect and show in your teams success.

Reliability: This is what I have experienced recently, when building a team, you want to have people around you that are reliable, and ones that you can count on. When you fall or when you’re not able to give your 100 percent, these individuals will cover your spot, and ensure that your customers do not face any disruption and that your business does not suffer.

Also being reliable does not just mean that they cover you in your absence, but overall as an individual they are a reliable person, who gets work done consistently, and are self managed. As a business owner, you have other duties and tasks to work on, you don’t want to spend your day being on top of your team members all the time, they should know what their tasks are, and get it done, without you having to worry about anything.

Listen:  When building a team, build a team that will listen and absorb instructions, if everyone is working on what they think is right, it will cause your team to break up, as their will be no direction (hence the importance of having a good leadership, and a team that is reliable). Listening works both ways, where your team listens to you, but you as a leader or a manager, also listens to your teams concerns and opinions, and most importantly takes action on the feedback given. So overall Listen to your team, and build a team that will also listen to you.

Problem Solvers:  Coming back to the point about having people around you that are better than you at tasks. Every business faces a challenge, and issues at times. When building a team, find a few members that actually solve problems, and really pull out the plugs. This could be in anything related to your business, from

  • Product solving
  • Customers
  • Accounts… you name it

having a person that can solve issues and problems, will make your day much easier.

Respect: Respect is something that is self explanatory. Respect others as you would like to be respected, when building a team, don’t build a team that you want to bully and make them work for you as being the leader or business owner. Overall you want the success for your business, respect your team members, and you team will respect each other, your business, and your customers.


Building a team or being part of a team is not always easy, as if you do not put your part in, it can cause for the whole structure to fail,  that’s why it’s extremely important as a business owner to ensure that you have a strong team around you that can really push your business, and exceed customer’s expectations, no matter what situations or obstacles your company is faced with.

You as a business owner, need to help you team, work with them, and guide them in the right direction with positive attitude and approach.

I just attended a training, and one of the points that was covered was what differentiates your company from your competitors and makes you the better company.

People – You and your team

Products – Your services and products that you offer

Process – The processes that you have in place

Share with us in the comments below, on how you built your team, or how you going to build you team, and what obesities you faced.

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