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by Wasim Ismail on March 20, 2012

As you may have noticed, using smart phones has become one of the biggest trends nowadays – which has given birth to M-commerce, or mobile marketing.  Hence, it would be to your advantage if you made use of these mobile apps for your business.  Here are some aspects of mobile apps that you can put to good use:


– new is always interesting but you also have to make sure that it will be original, which means that you must not copy the idea from someone else.  Otherwise, you will only have a limited set of customers, or worse, you might even get sued for stolen ideas.  In other words, with original and innovative apps, you won’t be wrong, and you will have a much higher success rate compared to using unoriginal ideas.

Be the first to develop a type of application that is unique and interesting for new customers and present it in a unique way.  Now, if you find it hard to come up with new and original ideas on your own, don’t worry – you can always do additional research to come up with new innovations to existing apps.  There are many opportunities for you.  Believe me.


– create a study as to what the most sought after apps are and how you can improve it to create a market for yourself.  Plan and implement your every step in creating and promoting your mobile apps.  In other words, systematically market your app.

You will need to create a marketing strategy in advance, conceptualize all the potential factors, from the good and the bad, in order to ensure that that you are ready for any problems that you might be encountering later on.

Another tip in strategizing is by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Try to put yourself in the position of your customer.  Would you buy your app?  Figure out what appeals to your customers and find what they need rather than want.  Afterwards, focus your marketing strategy on this

Make a convincing Sales pitch

–create a sales pitch that is understandable and informative. Take note, however, that your sales pitch must be appealing and compelling, while at the same time entertaining.

Create a website for your app

– building a website dedicated for your mobile apps, will create a much longer market presence compared to just attaching your app on other websites.  By having your very own app website, you can put blogs and chat rooms for your visitors to check out comments and reviews – and this will result to the increase of your conversion rate and the sales of your mobile apps.

Regularly think of new ideas that you can post on your website and constantly update your customer with regards the changes and upgrades on your mobile apps.  It would also help if you attached videos of your app, how it works and etc., in order to attract even more customers.

Use Twitter

– Twitter is one of the best platforms to promote any product and brands for free.  In here, you will need to create a tweet so your followers can be aware of the existence of your new mobile app. Remember that the aim here is to create just the right buzz for people to start talking about your product, create the exposure that your app needs and eventually make more sales from it.  Hence, study and carefully plan out your tweets, so that you can convince your followers to purchase your app.

Get Noticed in social media

– social networking is one of the most powerful promotional tools available on the web today. By tapping to this platform you will have the exposure your mobile would need. But you must also bear in mind that for it be effective, you will need to come up with easy, approvable and light conversations for your customers, in order to make them feel free to communicate with you.

Create a blog about it

–as I’ve mentioned earlier, setting up a blog for your mobile app, creates the idea that you’re being transparent to your customers.  Including info about your apps in tech and review sites is equally important for promotional purposes – and at the same time, it will also give customers the right feedbacks about what you have to offer.

Create the right kind of hype

– create press releases about your product to cause a stir in the media industry. You can do this online, by posting press releases and articles in tech news websites or press release sites or you can create videos and post them on YouTube.

Provide free demo

– this is a bit risky but you can always create a demo software for your clients to try, for let’s say a week or more – and if they like it, then they will have to buy the full version.

Although this strategy may run the risk of you incurring some negative feedbacks for your product – this need not be a problem if you are able to make apps that are actually as good as what you claim them to be.

Provide customer satisfaction

– make sure to back-up all the hype that you made by providing, quality product and excellent service to all of your prospective and current clients.

There are multiple ways how business can integrate the use of mobile apps within their business. Share with me in the comments below how you use apps within your business?

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