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by Wasim Ismail on March 8, 2012

We’ve all heard the famous saying of Martin Luther King about “I have a dream”. There’s no harm in dreaming, in fact its benefits you, as you can visualise what you want. As far as I can remember, I have been a dreamer, during collage in Class, I would just daze of and start to dream all sorts of stuff, such as Running a business, Driving fast cars, traveling places, and even meeting celebrates and other famous people. By spending couple of minutes visualising where you want to go, not just it motivates you to accomplish and achieves these dreams, but you are less likely to get distracted and put off track, once you stop dreaming and start to do some action.

But just like everything else, if you over do something you can actually end up doing more harm than good, imagine if we were to just dream, and wish all day, after awhile I’m sure id become sick, as I have all these dreams to achieve but I can’t, because I’m too busily dreaming about more. So what we need to do is actually to dream less, and put some action into place, now when speaking to people generally one of the things that I come across is “I wish I had my own business” so these guys are actual dreaming of running their own business, but for some reason, they are stuck in dreamland, and wishful thinking. I’m going to outline some quick steps you can follow to start to achieve your dreams.

Start the process: Now when dreaming about something, it’s usually big, like buying a house, a car, wedding, you name it, and you can get quite overwhelmed in trying to achieve this, due to the amount of work and effort involved.  But if we all have to start somewhere, if you really want to achieve your dream, you need to take the first step. Whatever the step may be, whether its sitting down with your friends and family, a consultant or just putting a plan of action together, or even on paper, you are overcoming the first obstacle, and you are actually starting the process to achieve your dream.

One step at a time: You have a clear picture in your mind where you want to go, and the things involved to get there, for example, if it is to buy a house, you know you need to get a mortgage, put a deposit down, so you need some funds for the deposit, find a broker and so forth. Lots of things to remember, so if we break all of these down and prioritise them in order, we can now see that it’s more easily accomplished. So in this scenario the final goal is to buy a house, but the first step is to get some deposit ready for the mortgage, so putting a plan of action to achieve the deposit, such as overtime at work, or second job. This way you are achieving small milestones, all in progress of achieving your dream.wish

Reminds your self: With all of these tasks and your daily chores, you can easily get put off track on achieving your target. Don’t over complicate the process, keep things very simple, and often remind your self why you are doing this. It’s all for the bigger picture, i.e. investment in your future.

Don’t Reinvent the wheel: Many times you see individuals, that want to achieve something, but for some reason, the process and the steps they are following is making things long winded for them. At times your goal may be easier than you seem to accomplish. Look and speak to others that have achieved similar success, and see how they achieved this, what did they do, and how they did things. Again part of keeping it simple, and not to over complicate the process.


There’s no harm in dreaming, and wishing for things. We can always keep dreaming, but it’s not taking us anywhere, years will pass by and we could still be dreaming. The main key is to put some action in to place, start doing things, whether it’s for your self or for your business. The choice is yours:

  1. Spend your life dreaming for a better one.
  2. Get your hands dirty and start to live your dream.

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