Flash back of 2011 & Goals for 2012

2012 goals December 31, 2011

Last year this time, I set down, and I planned what I wanted to do in 2011, and published a post on this at: My Business Goals for 2011. Out of the list, some of the goals I planned, I admit were a bit farfetched, and hands on heart some of them I actually did […]

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E-books: Will It Replace The Traditional Paper Books?

Will eBooks Replace the traditional paper books? November 1, 2011

Electronic books or more commonly known as E-books, are in reality, books that are in digital form. These are much more like your conventional books that made of paper – just more advanced and minus the heavy weight. Because of its utmost efficiency, many now say that this innovation may replace conventional books in the […]

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Bite the bullet in business

Dealing with Angry Customers October 10, 2011

We all know business is a challenge, well if it wasn’t a challenge it wouldn’t be called business, and everyone would be doing it – right. From time to time, your business would put you to test, whether its problem solving, dealing with customers objections, and demands, or even dealing with irate customers. Stress can […]

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Asking the right person for business funding

raise moeny for business July 5, 2011

When starting a business, raising capital can be quite a task, especially these days, when the banks are not lending out as generously as they used to. Now what’s the next best thing on how to raise money for your new business. The first thing you can do is turn to your friends and family, […]

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Managing your Manager: Top Tips for Getting on With your Boss

June 7, 2011

Having a good relationship with your boss, makes your work life a lot more enjoyable, means you are more likely to improve your performance and isn't exactly harmful to your career prospects either. Ensuring your efforts at work are noticed by an appreciative audience is, as far as you're concerned, as important as doing good […]

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Virtual Economy over the Real Economy

June 1, 2011

  Virtual economy has been beneficial to several businesses. It reduces travel and hotel costs for conferences, trainings and much more. We now have online meetings with most of our clients and also do online training with some of my remote staffs; we are able to discuss many things online, face-to-face via Skype. We can […]

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How to Write a Great eBook

May 9, 2011

Almost everything now is being digitized. Hardware materials before are now being carried in small chips. As time goes, things are getting simpler and made as portable as possible. Several songs from various CDs are compressed into a list of MP3s and we can already shop anywhere we want via online without personally going to […]

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How to Set up Your Own Cleaning Business

March 29, 2011

One should have the know how on starting a cleaning business before venturing into that field. When starting a cleaning company, you should decide if you want to venture into the commercial or residential sector. Commercial cleaning involves working in a company or institution as a janitor, employing a number of people as janitors and […]

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Tips for Finding the Right Tutor

March 28, 2011

Finding a tutor when you're already swamped with classes, homework, a part-time job and a social life can seem rather daunting, especially when you're already worried about the classes and homework issue. Following a few steps, however, can help you resolve a few conflicts and identify your exact needs, making your search faster and more […]

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31 Days to Build a Better Blog

March 1, 2011

Towards the end of last year, I bought Darren Rowse e-book 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, I was in the process of setting up this blog, and I wanted to get some tips and tricks on blogging side of things. As I knew I was going to be blogging about setting up successful […]

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