Keep the New Year mindset

Keep the New Year mindset January 21, 2013

This time of the year you generally find everyone is determined and focused in working towards their New Year resolution, what ever it may be whether it’s being more focused at work, loosing weight, playing more sports, or establishing a business, eating less chocolates or read more books. For the first couple of months of […]

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Review of The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith

The New Relationship Marketing April 25, 2012

Just finished reading Mari Smith’s book The New Relationship Marketing, in which she highlights how we can nurture of business by building strong relationships with the right people and with the correct means though social networking. Socail media is massive, with Facebook coming to hit 1 billion users, Twitter over 500 million users, and also […]

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Importance of good team work & How to build a good team

teamwork March 22, 2012

Over the last couple of weeks, it seemed that I have been drowning with work or I would say not been very efficient in the day to day business tasks, and at times, it felt I was loosing control, and it was impacting the business overall from customer service, sales, and working on the business […]

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Fast Forward Technique – Complete Every Task As You Planned

Fast Forward Technique January 17, 2012

Recently I attended some training about sales techniques and psychology. One of the lessons I learnt from there which I would like to share with you. As it’s very powerful and can actually make a big difference to the way you approach things generally. Its believing in yourself that you can achieve anything you want. […]

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Importance of Good Friends in Business & Work

Good Friends in Business July 12, 2011

Fiends come to us from infancy, through to old age.  We make friends at nursery, through to university – even at the super market, or even when we are at the doctors waiting room.  Wherever we go, we form friendships of varying strengths, with various people.   Their value remains constant, no matter our age, or […]

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“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

May 14, 2011

–Bill Gates (1955 – ) Have you ever been in a position where your customers are just not happy, and everything you do does not seem to please them – I know I do get some really challenging customers, and doesn't matter even if you offer them all of your services at an amazing price, […]

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Common Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

May 12, 2011

There are many mistakes that many a young entrepreneurs have made. It ranges from small mistakes, to larger mistakes, all of which have cost them time, money, and even their ultimate dream. If you are starting out on your own projects, then learn from the following tips on how to avoid these mistakes that many […]

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10 Qualities of a Successful Online Entrepreneur

January 18, 2011

Being an online entrepreneur you can easily get distracted and sidetracked. Below are 10 qualities you can embrace to become a successful online entrepreneur. Focus – Have a clear goal in mind of what you’re looking to achieve Determination – Be determined that you can be successful, no matter what happens Eager – Eager to […]

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