Bite the bullet in business

Dealing with Angry Customers

by Wasim Ismail on October 10, 2011

We all know business is a challenge, well if it wasn’t a challenge it wouldn’t be called business, and everyone would be doing it – right.

From time to time, your business would put you to test, whether its problem solving, dealing with customers objections, and demands, or even dealing with irate customers. Stress can pile up very easily. What do you do in such situations? Can you imagine, you have your daily tasks to do, your customers projects to complete as deadline is approaching, and at the same time things are not going well, and to get you cheesed off would not take much effort by anyone, – in short you are having a bad day.

First things first, is to stay calm, do what it takes so that you are cool and in control. In the above situation, you just need one call from a customer who is not happy or is asking allot from you to get you to lose focus, and get angry. It’s understandable, it can happen…But what we are going to do is to bite the bullet, you are not going to fall into such situation.

Self Control

Self-control in business is very important, as your body language, your voice tone, and the way you behave in a conversation with your customers, suppliers can make or break the deal, and if things go the wrong way, it can leave a nasty stain on your business image. Trust me bad word does spread fast.

So it doesn’t matter what the situation is, and how much work you have, how much a client or supplier has got you in a twist, you are going to stay in control, nothing is going to get you upset so that you lose your cool.

By keeping yourself in control you will benefit from:

• Being prorated across as a professional

• Know exactly how to handle the objections and obstacles

• You will be able to deal with the situation much better

• Will not lose the sale

How to deal with upset customers.

When a customer starts to say negative comments about you, your brand, and your business, its naturally one will get upset, but instead of putting more fuel into the fire at that time, lets see how we can calm down the situation, and give your self a chance to reflect what went wrong, and how you can avoid such customers opinions raising again.

Apologies: First of all, admit to the mistake, if things have gone wrong, not point putting it under the carpet, and thinking everything is still well. Apologise for the situation, and what has occurred. Something customers just want you to say sorry, but don’t know how to ask for it.

Empathize: Empathize with the customer, the customer must be upset to come to you and complain, instead of pointing figures back at the customer, Empathize and try to understand the situation from the customers point of view. This will make them feel as if you understand what they are going though and want to help them to solve the problem.

Take ownership: Sometimes it may not be your fault or even your companies’ fault, it could be the system, the way things have happened. Not a problem, its your customer, who is upset and the reason they have come to you, as they have faith and believe in you, take ownership of the situation. Even though it may not be your companies’ fault, try to get your customer in contact with someone that can help or can solve the problem.

Example: Some of my customers have hosting services with other companies, now if their website is not live or not working, first thing they do is call my firm (Alrayes Web Solutions). Now the reason why the site is not working is due to their hosting company having issues on the server. Now in this situation, we can easily tell our customer, not our problem, its your hosting company, but instead, we try to contact the customer hosting company, see what the problem is and advise our customer accordingly, of course we do explain that the situation is not in our control and 9 out 10 times the customer will understand, and thank you for going the extra mile to find out and solve the issue.

Patience: Patience is one of the important factors in dealing with customers, sometimes customers may not be on the same level of understanding as you are, hence they are irate, as they do not understand the situation. Instead of getting angry back with them, be patient and try to explain to them and make them understand.

Fix the problem: If the problem that the customer is facing can be fixed there and than, do it, do not delay. Also look into how this problem can be resolved in the long term, so it does not happen again.

Follow up: Once the issue has been resolved, follow up to your customer, a simple phone call to assure the customer that everything has been resolved, this will show the customer that you really did care about the problem, and it was your priority to get it fixed as soon as possible.


Yes you cant please everyone, and if your running a business your dealing with customers, you will get customers form all walks of life, which you will have to learn how to deal with every single one. Some may need to be treated differently, and some will be your best friends. What ever the case, never let your anger in business control you. You will damage your brand, your business, and your customer base.

Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.
Dr. Laurence J. Peter

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