E-books: Will It Replace The Traditional Paper Books?

Will eBooks Replace the traditional paper books?

by Wasim Ismail on November 1, 2011

Electronic books or more commonly known as E-books, are in reality, books that are in digital form. These are much more like your conventional books that made of paper – just more advanced and minus the heavy weight. Because of its utmost efficiency, many now say that this innovation may replace conventional books in the long run. However, in order to determine this for sure, it would be to best to take a look at it first.

While I am on Vacation for the next three weeks, I thought I would catch up on some reading, instead of going to my local WH Smith to buy some books, I downloaded the Kindle app onto my Tablet, and bought couple of e-books to read:

Here are some advantages of E-books over printed books:

1. It’s in multimedia format. So it is much better compared to your printed books, which only contain text and images. E-Books have audio and visual presentation – which can be quite comfortable especially to persons who find it boring to read conventional books. Aside from the abovementioned, a user can also opt to checking out the audio or video version of the E-book that he wants.

Other E-books even have flash presentations and applications for the readers to interact with the content, like dragging and clicking items.

2. Free shipping cost. Having an E-book saves you the hassle of ordering the printed book and paying for the shipping of the book. You also don’t have to wait for days for the book to arrive, just for you to start reading the material. With E-books, all you have to do is go to the web and download the reading materials that you desire. After downloading – you can then enjoy your books all you want! I was actually quite surprised at how quick you can purchase e-books. No waiting just buy, and read.

3. Searchable. E-books usually have standard features such as search buttons, much more like a search engine window from Google, which allows you to search and jump to pages containing the topics or keywords that you’re interested in.

Compared to traditional books, this will save you the time of turning pages and looking for the right chapter. Or, if you forgot a detail about something that you read – all you that have to do is to search the keyword and it will go that page which that you have been looking for.

4. Easier to update. Compared to printed books which require you to buy new ones just to get updated version of the same book – with E-books, all you that have to do is check for new releases and updates on a topic or a book, and just easily download it.

5. Weighs less. E-book weighs less compared to traditional books that are very heavy and have to carry to school. With the standard E-book’s storage capacity of around 8Gig, which is equivalent to about 80 printed books – going to and fro from your school or office need not be that tedious or “heavy” anymore. Perfect for when you are traveling and have weight restrictions.

6. Portable and takes less space. Having an E-book is like having your own private library without having the actual book shelves. And you can carry it around where ever you’ll go. It’s like carrying an entire library with you.

7. Costs less for the publisher. Publishers can save on printing cost. Aside from there is a minimum number of printed copies for it to be published – printing a set of books will also take a significant amount of time. Besides, using E-books is environment-friendly, considering that you will no longer need to cut trees just to make one book for one user.

8. Copyright. On issues of publisher/author copyright, I think both parties are equal. E-book articles can only be copied and distributed by individuals with the permission from the authors. On the other hand, printed articles can be scanned, printed or photocopied – without the author knowing about it.

9. Readable. This depends on the reader; others prefer reading printed books because they enjoy the experience of touching the pages of a printed book. Others claim that they find reading from E-book soothing and a lot more convenient.

With the rising number of E-book users all over the world, and with more and more excellent E-book readers springing in the market – it cannot be denied that this new innovation will become even more popular as the days go by. Now, as to whether it will actually replace the conventional printed books – only time will tell. But one thing is for certain it does make your life easier.

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