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by Wasim Ismail on November 12, 2010

Video Transcription 

Welcome to my blog, this is my first video post, the reason I am launching this blog is to share what I have learnt over the years by setting up my own business  online along with helping many others establish an online presence.

I will be sharing my techniques on how to run a successful online business along with sharing my mistakes, so that you don’t make the same mistake in your online business.

I will also be sharing the applications and the tools that I have used my self and the tools that are crucial for online business, from marketing tools, management tools, and many others.

On my blog I have also designated an area to inspiration quotation, I like reading and learning from quotations, as a good quote has a deeper meaning, which we can all learn from and implement the lessons it into our business and lives.

I hope you do find my site useful and looking forward to reading your comments in our articles. 


Thank You For Reading

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