“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” ― Dr. Seuss


by Wasim Ismail on April 19, 2012

We all want out business to stand out and to be seen everywhere, we know what we want, but why don’t we do something about? Is it that we are scared, or ashamed of what others will think? Or we think that we are not good enough? Whatever the reason may be, if you want to gain some momentum and to be leaders within your industry and niche, you need to think outside the box, and come up with something different.

Whatever business you may be running or starting out, you don’t want to be looked at “oh it’s another similar business” or “another building construction business” but instead, you want to be looked at as “Another business that everyone should know about”.

So how can you stand out in your business?

Overall we want people to do business with us, below are some points to help you differentiate your business from your competitors and to make your business stand out:

Become masters at what you do?

Whatever business you may be in, become the best at it, for example, if you’re a window cleaning company, be the best window cleaning company in town. By doing your job well, and being the best at it, you will find that customers will prefer to come to your business because they don’t have to deal with getting jobs done cheap and dealing with the after effects.

To become the best in your industry or niche and to be known as the specialists, you need to:

Be passionate: Be passionate and excited about your business. If you find yourself not excited about what you do, you need to ask yourself the question if I’m in the right business.

Be Consistent: Whatever service or product you are offering to your customers, be consistent in providing a good service, and what your customers except. If you have a policy to responds to all enquiries within an hour, ensure that you are consistent in that, or if you have a policy to deliver all products by next working day, ensure that gets done on every single order. By being consistent in what you do, and the way you do your business, your customer will set their expectations accordingly.

Be knowledgeable: To really become masters of your trade, you need to know all the tricks of the trade, and to be knowledgeable within your industry. No matter what question your customer asks you, you should have the answer to that.  This may come with experience, but there is no harm in taking a few courses and reading on topics within your industry.

This also includes staying on top of the latest trends and news within your market.  If there is a change happening in your industry or a news breakout you should be on top of this, and know what is happening, as this may impact you or your customers.

Go The Extra Mile

How many times do we go to a business, because we feel comfortable in dealing with them, or we feel that they offer us a good service, whether it’s a Car Garage, Beauty Saloon, Surveyor, or an Accountant? Same thing applies to our business. If we make our customers feel that they are getting the best deal, and that they will be taken care of, and that their needs would be satisfied, they will always prefer your business than others.

Some point to go the extra mile

Listen: Always listen to what your customers and audience want, and adapt your business accordingly.

Cater: Cater to your customers requirements, don’t try to hard sell the customer something that they may not benefit or need, but instated offer them a solution and a service that they will benefit from.

Appreciate:  When we have regular customers we at times forget to appreciate their business, sometime it only takes a “Thank You” to show your customers appreciation. On the other hand you can offer a free gift or a loyalty discount to your regular.

Go Out of your way:  If the customer requires something, which your business can offer, go out of your way to deliver this to your customer. Small things like this will stay in your customers mind.

For example, me and y friends couple of months went to eat at a takeaway, we asked to have coke, they said they have ran out, my friend also asked again don’t you have coke? Fair enough we took other drinks and started eating. Couple of minutes later one of the staff’s walks in with coke bottles, that he went and bought from the service station down the road.

This gesture was not necessary, but it really impressed us, and we are now most likely to recommend that takeaway to our networks.

Offer outstanding service: At all times aim to offer exceptional customer service, keep your customers at the for front of what you do, and thrive to meet their expectations. Offering great customer service will keep your customer base healthy.

Be different

One thing that many business do, is look at their competitors and copy more or less everything that they are doing. Fair enough if something is working, there is no need to change it, but you don’t want to build a business that’s a duplicate of what your competitors are doing. You want your business to be different.

Find some good key selling points within your business and promote these. Don’t copy your competitors, but come up with unique styles, and ideas for your customers. This way you will build your brand, authority and also be ahead of what others are doing.

To finish off watch this short video by Marie Forleo:

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