We do not have to become heroes overnight.

by Wasim Ismail on May 20, 2011

“We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962)
U.N. diplomat, humanitarian, U.S. first lady

Have you ever dreamt what your business would be like in the next couple of months, or years to come, or have you ever dreamt what you would be doing this time next year. For sure I have, I always dream of stuff all sorts of stuff,

  • Business
  • Cars
  • Holidays
  • Family
  • Travelling….You name it, I have a moment in a day where my imagination goes wild.

It's good to dream, dreams are like our goals, and keeps us focus on what we want to achieve, and gives some sort of direction. Dreaming is fine, as long as it's realistic, and you can back it up with a plan of action to accomplish it. So that your dream do really come true.
For sure we would all wish if we could accomplish and see our dreams come true over night, and in a business aspect, we would wish if our business was moving much faster,  but at times we have to come back to reality and take each step at a time. We can all achieve our goals, and aim to have our dreams fulfilled, all we need is a plan of action, and take each step at a time, and for sure you will start to see your fruits ripe of the steps you have taken and see your big dream come to reality.

Just as the first lady of US said, taking each step as it comes, this way achieving your big goals will not seem as dreadful or a huge task, as you have broken it down, and what you are focusing on is completing today's task, and if you carry on doing so, the big task (your goal) will automatically be accomplished.
By taking each step at a time, this also ensure that's our foundation, and the core structure of the business, or your goals are solid, as you haven't taken any short cuts, and you have completed each task fully.

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