Weekly Business Sales Quote by French writer & Nobel Prize winner – Albert Camus

by Wasim Ismail on October 14, 2011

“I’ll tell you a big secret, my friend. Don’t wait for the last judgment. It takes place every day.”

– Albert Camus (1913–1960) French writer, Nobel Prize winner

When running a business we are all accountable for our own actions, whatever step we take, it’s important that it benefits the business, the brand, and also your customers. Now being accountable doesn’t mean, giving a report or updating someone else, If we change our understanding  and mindset and instead  hold our self’s accountable for the actions and decisions we make in our work, our overall performance will improve.

At times we make decisions in a hurry, or under pressure, stress or whatever the case maybe, but if you start to take into account everything you do, it will give you that extra conscious when you are running your business activates to ensure that you make those correct decisions. By doing this you will make yourself stand out from others.

Albert’s message is simple, why wait for another day, when you can resolve your issues and take control today. The last thing you want is someone else holding you accountable for something. As a business owner you take the lead, and ownership to ensure things get done, and get done correctly.

There are many areas where you can consider to take accountability of , some are:

The decisions and the choices that you make: have you made the right choice, or not?

Your overall responsibility: are you carrying out the tasks that has been assigned or is expected from you?

You goals: Have you achieved your goals, if not why?

Overall do not wait for things to happen, if you take accountability for everything you will achieve your goals, and task much quicker and efficiently.


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