Weekly Business Sales Quote by Swiss psychiatrist

by Wasim Ismail on December 2, 2011

“ Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. ”

Carl Jung (1875–1961) Swiss psychiatrist

When dealing with clients, customers or just generally dealing with individuals, at times you will come across few habits and nature of others which you many not generally like or infact irritate you. It could be something small such as, talking over you, or speaking too fast. Or something on a more serious level such as a bad stench from a customer or an individual not being very reliable.

What ever the case may be, you can learn something about yourself, how you react to certain situations, and how you can improve your dealing with others. Especially if your in the retail business dealing with customers on daily biases, take a step back and just think on how they are reacting to your questions, and also how are you responding to them.

Before we start to pick up points of others that irritate us, lets look at ourselves first, and how we can improve.

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