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by Wasim Ismail on June 26, 2012

Some simple ways of content marketing.

Create new ideas

New is always fresh – and fresh is always interesting. If you can come up with really good and fresh ideas to talk about then you have no problems competing in the content battle.  This is a fact.

Ideas are what create interest among visitors, marketers and customers. If you keep on repeating or copying ideas from someone else, you won’t be in this business for a long time. Make sure you can innovate or make an original idea that will be appealing to your viewers, so that you won’t find it difficult to sell your content.

Provide Solutions

This method provides solutions for those who are having problems on some issues. Let’s say that you have a competing website which has the same product and services, but your contents are only descriptions, while your competition’s contents are advices, tutorials and tips – then it can be pretty obvious which website will get the most traffic. And yes, it’s not you.

In other words, make sure that you have all possible solutions to all the possible problems customers will be encountering with your product, from the vaguest to the most general. Though this, you will get more visits and more traffic.

Make careful planning

Before anything else, you will need to plan well.  Try to create a step by step plan as to what contents to make, do some research based on trending topics and include contents that will be appealing to your specific demographics.  This is just like saying that you need to be at the right place at the right time with the right contents.

Take note that the message that you initially use as your content will defines your product and what you have to offer – and this will stick for a long time.  Hence, make sure that every word counts and that it creates a positive impact for your audience.

Make immediate Corrections

If a part of your content is not working very well and is in fact pulling away the quality of the entire content – then make corrections, maybe by eliminating the statement or revising parts of it. You can also make use of metrics to track your progress and to analyze mistakes in your content strategy.


As you may already know – optimizing is one of the most common ways to get attention to your content and to drive traffic your site – thereby giving it some “link-love”.

Get involved

One of the best ways to get content exposure is thru the use of social media – primarily because this is the platform that most people actually use.  Hence, make sure that your content creates enough interest and mystery so that your visitors will be enticed to check it out.

Study and Research

Check out all the possible media that you think your market will find is attractive, like infographics, video ads and even images.  You will also need to study other websites and their content marketing strategies, in order to give you a brief idea as to what to do, and to avoid treading in unfamiliar territory.

Create unique presentations

You need to design your content that will make it attractive, unique, informative, entertaining and neat.  And by properly arranging videos, images, news, tabs, buttons and links, you can achieve the objective of your content marketing accordingly.

You need to have the right call-to-action buttons, working links, proper tags and the right looks to create the proper effect for your content.  What is essential is that you get the most out of your content.

Get the right tools

There are tons of available tools that you can choose from when creating content for your website.  However, the question is: what is the right tool?

In this strategy, you will need to look for apps and tools that will cater to your specific needs.  Acquiring the right tools will mean finding the right technologies that will help market your content.  Tools such as CMS, social media management, content applications and other materials are just some of the tools that you can put to good for your content marketing campaigns.

These are just some of the things that you should keep in mind if you are planning on engaging in content marketing.  In the end, what is important is that you are able to follow the proper steps and spread your message across more efficiently.

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