Psychological Tricks to Create Conversion

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by Wasim Ismail on July 31, 2012

Business has been successfully using psychology to create effective marketing strategy over the years. And this is because by simply studying consumer behavior and how they react to a certain marketing promotion, one is able to make the necessary adjustments accordingly.

In other words, with the help of psychology, business owners can better understand the factors that make a consumer purchase a product. It is a vital aspect in business – since this tapping into the subconscious mind of the consumer will stimulate buying behavior.

Here are some tricks that you can use to persuade customers to make a purchase and increase conversion:

1. Action and reaction

This mainly refers to the principle of reciprocity, which means you get more results if you satisfy the consumers’ question of “what do I get out of it?” In other words, you can get instant attention from customers if you provide something they want.

For example, if you are in the business of selling mobile apps, then you could try to provide eBooks and articles about the usefulness of mobile apps and how it can help them with their daily tasks. Afterwards, give them a 1 week trial. However, do not insist a purchase in return for access to these eBooks or freebies. Instead, try to encourage these consumers to sign-up.

When they sign-up, you can now engage in a different email marketing strategy to persuade them to purchase. Remember that they have already gotten something from you for free, so most of these customers are inclined to hear what else you have to say. And if your email marketing is done right, you can convert most of them in no time at all.

2. Create a sense of commitment

The human mind is programmed to remain loyal to companies where he/she has had prior commitments with. An example is if a customer has previously purchased an anti-spyware from your website, there is a high tendency that when the customer is in need of a new anti-spyware – the mind automatically tells the buyer to make a purchase to the site or place he bought it before – which is actually your site.

Creating a sense of commitment might be a bit tricky, but once you have created a relationship with your customer, expect them to come back to make additional purchase and that you might even get referrals from them. Just make sure that your customer connects with your brand in order to gain commitment.

3. Social Proofing

Buying mechanism is also influenced by friends, family and other external factors. For example: online gaming’s most effective marketing strategy is posting the profile pictures of users to their pages, where friends and colleagues see what their friends are playing – eventually enticing them to sign-up as well.

Psychologically, people tend to buy things that most of their friends have already purchased. Firstly, this is because they are sure the product works – based on the testimony of their friends. Second reason is they can share tips and ask questions on “how to” about the product and thirdly – most people just don’t want to be left out.

4. Rapport

Build trust with your customers. Create a relationship with them by sending personalized emails and messages. Through this, you are sending the message that you actually care and are not just after their money. However, make sure that your messages will correspond to your customers’ interests to give out the right message.

5. Create urgency

By providing limited time offers to your customers, you are asking an instant call-to-action from your customer. This will make the customer feel that he might regret not availing of the offer. Of course, the efficiency of this strategy will also depend on the attractiveness of the offer as well.

6.  Right Pricing

Pricing has played a lot of role in conversion strategies. If you noticed in some websites, the pricing is $4.99 on their product – which is basically the same as $5. This is actually a trick which makes the customer think that $4.99 is a lot cheaper than $5 – when in reality it’s not.

These are just some of the tricks that you can use to convert your site visitors to actual buyers. In the end, what is important is that you are able to efficiently entice your customer to make the purchase – which means more profits for you.

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