Social Media Action & Business Events

Social Media Action & Business Events

by Wasim Ismail on February 2, 2012

Last week I had a chance to work with Baked Bites from Leicester in promoting their business online at a Wedding Exhibition.

Overall the plan basically was to give out free cupcakes to everyone that likes the company on Facebook and recommend the company to five of their followers, as Baked Bites Facebook page had round about 15-20 people likening them. In preparation for the event we printed out some QR codes which would take users directory to the Facebook fan page.

On day itself, couple of things I noted.

Use of Smart Phones:

Every single person that came to the stall had a smart phone, and soon as they saw the QR codes on the table they pulled out their phones to give it a try. Most of them were curious on how it actually works, and others were just intrigued to see something different. Even though we had WIFI laptops there for visitors to easily login to their Facebook, the first choice was defiantly their smart phones, only when their smart phones let them down than they resorted to the laptops.

The main reason why they also preferred to login using their smart phones was issue of safety. Accessing your accounts using your own phone you feel much safer and more in control than using a public computer. Everyone wants to ensure that their information does not get leaked or hacked out, hence the reason why accessing the internet on smart phones was the first option for many.


Everyone had a Facebook account, it was difficult to find someone that was not on Facebook. Visitors of all age groups and backgrounds had a Facebook account. Everyone is ready to socialise, and connect with you, you just need to show them the reason why they should. Having your business presence on Facebook will pay off, users are most likely to check out your Facebook page compare to searching for you online. Imagine, Users are already on Facebook, they can quickly search for your company name and see what they need to see on your Facebook page, why would they need to open a new window, load up a Search Engine and then search for what they want, where else it can be done much quicker on the platform that they are on already.

Shout and Keep Shouting:

If your business is going to attend an event, you need to make a big deal about it. It needs to be plastered all over your social networking sites, your website, and also on the day visitors need to know that you are there, and what promotions you have going on. We could have done this better with Baked Bites, such as if we were going to give Free Cup Cakes, Everyone in the event needs to know, so whatever your business promotion on the day, ensure everyone knows about it.


Once you start to get followers following your brand online, engaging with them is important. You have done all the hard work building your awareness and reaching out to them, now you need to engage with them, and build a good connection, or else over time they will unsubscribe from your brand. Just finishing an event one way you can start is by uploading pictures of your event and tagging visitors that came to your stall.

Once you do start to connect with your audience on Facebook, the key is to keep them in the loop, not just to forget about them, you as a business owner have the responsibility to engage with them by sharing useful information, which will benefit and relate to them.

Key Takeaways:

To do this you can you build a mobile website which opens up a simple website which is easily to load and navigate using a mobile phone device. Such as If your website is built using a well known CMS, you can easily purchase or download a plugin or extension to make your website mobile.

Once your website is ready for the visitors, you need to make it simple as possible for your visitors to come to your website, using QR codes, and incentives, which will encourage users to come onto your website. Once the user is on your website, if you can show them that you have a solution to their problem or to a query related to them, and then start to work on how you can improve your conversions with these new connections.


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