5 benefit on how video’s can help your online presence

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by Wasim Ismail on May 3, 2012

More and more business are starting to record videos and upload them on the web using platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Google Plus. Having a video on your website gives a whole new prospects to the user experience of your web page. Generally users prefer not to read, but watching a 2 minutes video would be something that would attract them.

Benefits of online video for the business:

Build a rapport: As your visitors of your webpage can not see or visits you generally, by having a video which they can watch can be a great way of building a rapport with your audience. For example if you’re a local business, you could record a min video recording your business and having a message from the director. This will not just show your visitors your business, but also give them a feel of whom you are and put a human and trust element behind your website.

Build your brand: having a professionally done video will show case your brand, and can also work as a form of advert for your business.

User Experience: By having videos on your website it enhances your websites user experience, and gives them a reason to stay longer on your website. As mentioned above users would prefer to click the play button and watch a video than read a page of text? I know it’s lazy but that’s how users behave online.

Trust factor: Allowing your visitors to view a video about your products, services and your business, it creates a huge trust factor, as generally your website visitors would feel more comfortable in dealing with you, as they know they can relate to your business, and also puts a face to your business. People do business with people, and if they can see you though your video, your business ethics, personality and if the video portrays a clear message, your visitors and your business will benefit.

SEO: YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, and its also owned by Google it self. Google is giving prominence to videos, and even though your website may not rank on page one of search results, but a good optimized video can actually rank on page one for the keywords optimized, about the standard organic results, such as the screen shot below shows 3 videos from YouTube listed above the organic search results. A great way for business to promote them selves and to build their brand image online.

Videos for your business

Ideas for videos

You may be thinking what should I record for my business, below is some ideas to help you start recording videos for your business.

Product Overview: Whether you have an ecommerce site or are offering a service, you can record a video of what are offering. For example on an ecommerce site your user can click on a video link a view 60 to 120 seconds video about the product that they are intending to buy.


What is KashFlow from KashFlow on Vimeo.

About your company: You could record a message from the director or an insight about you company showing your visitors exactly what you do

Tutorials: Depending on your industry you could give out a tutorials on how to use your products or services. Such as:

Information: Videos are great way of giving information to your customers and talking to your audience:

 Reviews and Testimonials: You can ask your customers to leave a video review about your products and services:

Interviews: You could record a video interview with you customers or industry leaders, such as:

Image by sxc.hu

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