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by Wasim Ismail on June 28, 2012

Attaching a review or comment section in a website has always been a concern as this is primarily because this strategy can work both ways.  Firstly, you reviews can help you gain popularity.  On the other hand, it can also make you lose your business entirely – if you don’t take things properly.

Online reviews have their own ways of attracting new customers most especially positive ones.  In fact, a great number of consumers actually make their decisions as to what to buy, based on the particular reviews of a product. Additionally, positive reviews can help your business by sending out the message that others should try your product out.

In another side of the story, negative reviews also have an effect as to how your business grows.  And with the outing of such black hat tactics such as “reputation sabotage”, you run the risk of getting very low ratings because of false negative comments from other individuals whose sole intention is to bring down the competition (you).

And though it is normal to have some negative comments in your reviews, which implies honesty – like for example 2 out of 10 unsatisfied customers, it can be necessarily gleaned that there is the need to ensure that you are able to get only truthful and positive reviews.  Otherwise, it might bring in more trouble for you.

Remember that reviews are significant for online businesses because these influence customers to purchase a particular product, which is why it plays a big factor in brand promotion. Accordingly, this is the reason why marketers always try to manage their reviews, whether negative or positive, and make it into their marketing advantage.

Here are some additional tips when managing your reviews:

Assess the reviews

There are some websites that offer to manage your reviews for you, and fortunately, some of them are free. Through these services, you can now monitor the reviews that are coming in your website.  You can also avail of email alerts to inform you of any incoming reviews.

As soon as you receive reviews in a form of a comment, reaction, or complaint – the next thing to do is to assess the relevance of the comments.  Are they troll accounts? Do these comments really matter? Or are they just putting these comments for fun?

In other words, take the time to read your customers’ feedbacks.  Afterwards, delete those that are irrelevant or those that you feel have been just maliciously made to affect your reputation.

Create regular reviews

There is a big probability that a lot of your satisfied consumers won’t really bother to post positive reviews about your product.  And this is why you need to send out some surveys to them, explaining that this is one of your methods in keeping your customers satisfied and happy with your services.  Through this, you will be able to aptly determine what they really want – thereby allowing you to generate reviews regularly and make your service even better in the long run.

Build your reputation in the web

You need to build a positive reputation online, in order to encourage customers to purchase your product.  Hence, it is advisable that you have a “reviews” button on your website for customers and visitors to click on and read your reviews. You can also put a “reviews” link on your social media profiles, for your friends and followers.  These links will then direct your prospective customers to your company website where they can read reviews about what you have to offer, as well as to check out other products that you may have.

Create quick relevant responses to your customers

A quick response to the reviews posted can make a big difference to customer retention and conversion – which is why the importance of email alert has always been emphasized. Always remember that when you receive notifications about your reviews – you need to make quick responses, most especially to the negative ones.  Through this, solutions to any problem can be presented, and you will also be able to address other customers who may be having similar problems.

These are just some of the things that you might want to take into account if you are looking to take advantage of the reviews that have been made about you and your company.  In the end, what is primordial is that you are able to make your services better – to make more sales in the long run.

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