I am a high performance individual and a workaholic. From a very young age, I was always developing ideas to start  businesses which would reap profits and have always believed that if you work hard and smart, the rest takes care of itself!

I started of working for my father at a travel agency while  I was at college, from where i started coming up with my business ideas and came in contact with the business world for real. I worked there for couple of years while i finished my college, working and studying long hours, I knew there had to be something out there that I  would enjoy and make good money doing it. This is when,  my good friend, also a very successful businessman said to me, “Wasim, the world is your oyster, if you want something go get it”Wasim Ismail

I have always been self motivated, and my first project was when I started by importing electronic items to the UK, one of the first items I imported was Bluetooth headsets, which was the latest gadget at that time. This was great while I finished my studies and online development course. This was the start.

At 18 with no capital I joined an international health & nutrient company, marketing their products and getting a team together to work with me. Now at the age of 25 more serious with my goals and with an eye for opportunity, my ventures today are wide and diverse, with a particular emphasis in the online Industry.

My road that I traveled on has not been without pitfalls and wrong turnings, which I accept  all as a  part of the education that makes me what I am today.

Like all other winners I relentlessly study the great achievers in history, and my passion lies in the field of personal growth and development. I have a vast library of books and self development material which i use for inspiration and reference. “Most of the mistakes we humans make have probably been made before, is it not better to read a book of someone’s experiences and learn the lessons that it has taken others a lifetime to learn?

My aim is to one day open an orphanage for the deprived in third world countries. This is one of my life time ambitions.

I am also passionate about sports with an interest in most sports, and participates in a number of activities when my schedule permits. I especially enjoy playing tennis and going swimming over the weekends to relax my mind.

“You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile”

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