How to Create Effective Images for Photo Blogging

camera September 11, 2012

As I have mentioned before, one of the best way to promote business products or the business itself is thru pictures and images. Aside from posting these photos on Instagram and Tumbler for social exposure, a captivating photo attached to your company website or Facebook page can definitely make a difference in your marketing campaigns. […]

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How to Generate Interest for your Mobile App

Mobile app August 28, 2012

Mobile marketing is only going on one direction – and this is up. Proof of this statement is the thousands of mobile apps hitting the market every day, making it even bigger. However, this also makes it harder to promote mobile apps to customers – as the competition can get tougher. The most common reason […]

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Review on Digg Digg WordPress Plugin

smiley May 22, 2012

With all the changes on Social Networking sites, such as Google +1 icon, Pinterest’s Pin icon, and few other tweaks, I was in search for a new share plugin which would offer an all in one solution, but must importantly one that works, and encourages users to share the post with ease. After testing different share plugins […]

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Methods To Create Successful Backlinks

bookmarked May 15, 2012

As any SEO expert will tell you – building backlinks is an integral part of optimization which must never be underestimated.  After all, it is a fact that the better your links are – the higher your rankings will be.  Fortunately, there are ways to ensure this.  And all that you have to do is […]

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Why Businesses prefer to promote a blog over other marketing channels.

Why Business prefer to promote a blog February 20, 2012

Blogging has been a major source for ecommerce businesses for quite some time now.  But recently, however, more and more businesses have been using social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, instead of blog sites. However, some online merchants choose to standby their blog sites, because they believe that these have the advantage compared to the […]

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3 Types of visitors – Whom do you cater for?

3 Types of visitors - Whom do you cater for? February 9, 2012

For our presence online we need to produce content, content which is unique and beneficial for our visitors. You may have a blog on your business website which you post on frequently, or you are currently looking to improve the content of your web pages on your business website. One thing to keep in mind, […]

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CommentLuv Premium Plugin SALE- Get your copy today

September 28, 2011

Blogging is all about engaging with your audience, interacting with your customers, and aiming to provide high quality articles that will go viral on the web. Having your blog built on WordPress platform allows allot flexibility  so that you can position your posts, and set your site to how you want it to be. As […]

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I’m not good with Computers, I CAN’T run an online business

 I CAN'T run an online business September 21, 2011

I recently met one of my old friends at my brother’s wedding, where we studied together, and haven’t really been in touch since then. We discussed what we do, our conversation went something like this: Friend: Wasim! are you a blogger or a business owner, or what, what do you do. Me: You can call […]

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Are you making full use of RSS!

how to use rss September 20, 2011

Surprisingly, there are still a lot of people who doesn’t know about RSS or Really Simple Syndication. It’s that little orange square thingy on the upper right corner of this page, Yup, THAT button. You would probably say “Oh, so that’s what it is!’. Ok, so what does it do? Really Simple Syndication is a […]

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Recommended Blog Commenting Plugin

September 15, 2011

The whole idea of having a blog is to get your voice heard, and to interact with your readers and followers. A platform where you can share thoughts and opinions, along with sharing it with others around the web. One of the main features of a blog is to encourage comments on the posts, and […]

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