Business Resolutions

Keep the New Year mindset

Keep the New Year mindset January 21, 2013

This time of the year you generally find everyone is determined and focused in working towards their New Year resolution, what ever it may be whether it’s being more focused at work, loosing weight, playing more sports, or establishing a business, eating less chocolates or read more books. For the first couple of months of […]

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Review of The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith

The New Relationship Marketing April 25, 2012

Just finished reading Mari Smith’s book The New Relationship Marketing, in which she highlights how we can nurture of business by building strong relationships with the right people and with the correct means though social networking. Socail media is massive, with Facebook coming to hit 1 billion users, Twitter over 500 million users, and also […]

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What you need to know about Telemarketing

What you need to know about Telemarketing October 20, 2011

Telemarketing, or more commonly known as telesales, is a type of marketing strategy wherein an agent makes a direct marketing sale to clients over the phone.  Currently, businesses, institutions, agencies, companies and individuals are called by telemarketers – to check if they have already tried or if they are aware of the products that their company […]

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B2B Marketing – Profit Gaining Made Easier

B2B Marketing – Profit Gaining Made Easier October 3, 2011

Business to business Marketing (B2B) refers to the process wherein an individual or a business, renders the sale of goods and services to other businesses, organizations, institutions, companies, individuals, and even to the government – supplying them with essential products such as raw materials, parts, equipments, services and other components necessary to the said businesses, either for […]

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5 essential business tools

April 20, 2011

In recent years, more and more tools have become available for businesses to use to improve all aspects of their operations. The question is, which of these tools are vital in today’s business world and economic climate and which are simply window dressing? 1) Conference Calling Conference calling is absolutely essential in the current business […]

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Why Businesses Outsource?

January 24, 2011

Despite that there is a big debate of whether outsourcing helps the economy of the outsourcing countries; the boost growth of this set up is insurmountable. Some may think that outsourcing increase the unemployment rates in their countries so they may not be reclined towards this. But on the other hand some busineess think different […]

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Reasons to Work From Home or an Office

January 12, 2011

The mounting advancement of technology gives so much possibilities for our conveniences even in our careers or businesses. The internet unlocked so much potentials in virtual working or working from home. Some of these opportunities are projects such as writing, designing, web developments, data encoding, even the voice and non-voice customer supports. Considering to work […]

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Resolutions for Business Success

December 30, 2010

The New Year presents the perfect opportunity to set some new goals for your business success. Big business or small, resolutions can be important to achieving your goals, but they aren’t much good unless you follow through with them throughout the remainder of the year. If you’re interested in coming up with a few good […]

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Green Business Resolutions

December 28, 2010

The start of a new year can be a perfect time to resolve yourself and your business to making some changes; and these changes may come in the form of a greener, more eco-friendly operation. If you’re looking for ideas for green business resolutions, here are a few thoughts to consider that might make your […]

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