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Setting up a Mobile website with goMobi

mobile website August 7, 2012

Online visibility is very essential in the growth of your business. For your online customer base to expand, it is important that you make your website accessible 24/7 to all potential visitors, anytime, anywhere. You already have a well-built business website, what do you need a mobile site for? Mobile presence can make a great […]

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How To Create Successful Mobile Content

mobile content April 24, 2012

Just like the regular optimization of website content – mobile content must also be necessarily optimized to gain popularity, as well sales and profits. It must be noted though, that if there is one thing that is quite common among web visitors and mobile surfers – then this is the fact both can be very […]

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Blackberry Blackout! or The good old ways! What do you prefer?

Blackberry Blackout October 12, 2011

For the past three days, There has been no Blackberry service, the outage has affected millions of users around the globe. At first I thought it was just my phone, later it actually came apparent a national crises, where millions of users are affected, and it actually hit world news. The problem started in Europe, […]

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Technology is controlling our lives.

Technology is controlling our lives. October 12, 2011

Let’s take a step back and look around us, everything we do is related to technology one way or another, to such an extent that if it was to be taken away from us we wouldn’t be able to imagine. Some argue that technology is making us lazy, and some say that its improving the […]

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A review on the Blackberry Torch

November 24, 2010

  A few days a go one of my friends, whom I’ve been working with for the past couple of years on various projects (CEO of Voicedata Group), came up to me and gave me the new Blackberry Torch. Unexpectedly he turned up and said “here” let me know what you think. The timing was […]

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