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Choosing the right email program

email January 31, 2013

Once you have captured email address via your website or through any other source that you use, you want to send out marketing emails to these emails addresses. What is the best way to do this so that you get maximum benefit. Some companies still prefer to use Outlook (yes outlook to send out marketing […]

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Setting up a Mobile website with goMobi

mobile website August 7, 2012

Online visibility is very essential in the growth of your business. For your online customer base to expand, it is important that you make your website accessible 24/7 to all potential visitors, anytime, anywhere. You already have a well-built business website, what do you need a mobile site for? Mobile presence can make a great […]

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Review on Digg Digg WordPress Plugin

smiley May 22, 2012

With all the changes on Social Networking sites, such as Google +1 icon, Pinterest’s Pin icon, and few other tweaks, I was in search for a new share plugin which would offer an all in one solution, but must importantly one that works, and encourages users to share the post with ease. After testing different share plugins […]

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Mobile Applications – How To Use Them For Your Business

mobile March 20, 2012

As you may have noticed, using smart phones has become one of the biggest trends nowadays – which has given birth to M-commerce, or mobile marketing.  Hence, it would be to your advantage if you made use of these mobile apps for your business.  Here are some aspects of mobile apps that you can put […]

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What Makes a good Website

Good Websites July 11, 2011

Have you ever visited a website and gone OMG, do websites like this still exist? does this website actually get any traffic? Does this owner actually make any income of this website? Yes… I do, thanks to Panda updates, not many of such sites come up in search results, but yes they still exist, and […]

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Maximize Website Exposure with a Tag Cloud

March 31, 2011

Tag Cloud is a container of terms use to represent contents on a website. This is normally visible in the sidebar, and sometimes website owners prefer to have this within their body contents, which is used mainly on blogs. Each word in a Tag Cloud is linked into list of related articles. Tag densities and […]

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The Advantages of XML

March 8, 2011

Whether hardcore coding or just using website builders, when we say web development, we know it is associated with HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language), Javascripts or Php Scripts. However, using XML in building a website only exists when we got other structural needs like sitemaps or feeds. Many websites now submit XML sitemaps to Google […]

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How Hosting Affects Your Website Page Rank?

February 22, 2011

Page Rank is a certain set of algorithms developed by Google noted from 0-10 (10 as the highest). Higher page rank websites are tagged as more trusted by Google. Page Ranks is based on the number of relevant back links and the relevance of the website contents. Page Rank is essential if you are building […]

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Show your website to the world

February 17, 2011

I was speaking to a joinery business owner today about their telecoms and other services that they have, the conversation started to drift towards his web services and talking about the website that he has.  The business has been running for 25 years, but they just recently launched their website last Christmas (Dec 2010), which […]

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HTML 5 over HTML and Flash

February 7, 2011

Recently W3 Consortium published the HTML 5 logo; this indicates that HTML 5 is really being accepted on the web sphere as the new HTML standard. Some websites are now made in HTML 5 standards, faster and with no plugins required to run videos or animated media. Coding standard in HTML 5 is just almost […]

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