Technology is controlling our lives.

Technology is controlling our lives.

by Wasim Ismail on October 12, 2011

Let’s take a step back and look around us, everything we do is related to technology one way or another, to such an extent that if it was to be taken away from us we wouldn’t be able to imagine.

Some argue that technology is making us lazy, and some say that its improving the way we live  by making us more efficient. Both are strong cases, and depends how you look at it. Can you image a week without no mobile phone, no internet, no tablets and consuls. There used be a time where these luxurious weren’t around. For sure I can imagine it would be dam hard . Just not having the access to the internet makes me worry, let along losing it for couple of days. When it does go  down, we have backup to fall onto such as smart phones and tablets, and in some instances I know users that have a second broadband with a different service provider, in case one service providers systems crashed, – this shows that we really on internet so much, its actually a necessity.

What does a normal day with technology look like.

6am:  First thing I check is my emails on my smart phone – yes before going to the washroom, sad right, I have tried to ignore it, it’s actually become second nature. At times I’m there for 20-30 mins responding to emails with my eyes half closed.

7am:  breakfast with the laptop, again something we do not need to have on the breakfast table, but it’s part of the family, where I send emails i need to for the day, and read some articles my Google reader.

8am: Drive to work – wahoo no devices. Wait for it, On the mobile phone or conference with my offshore team perfect time to catch up on day activates, and better than listening to the morning drive time show.

9am to 1pm: In front of the computer, carrying out day tasks,  activates, and projects.

1pm – 2pm: Lunch – Break from the online world, you wish, it’s more like Lunch with the Motorola Xoom, reading Articles in my Google Reader.

2pm: – 7:45pm: Back in the office, on the phone, internet, computer, social media, you name it.

7:45: Drive home, this time, listening to the audio podcasts of bloggers. Amazing right.

8:00pm – Dinner with family, Strict Rules, No Phones, No Tablets, No Internet 🙂

9:00pm – Putting the kids to sleep, using the Motrola Xoom Tablet, watch a cartoon on YouTube, Play Angry Birds, and by time they knocked off, I’m on Google Reader.

10pm – 1am: Research on the internet, and content writing.

Here you can see clearly, the internet is the backbone of our lives, if that was to go down, the phone  would take its place, and to seriously imagine life without these two things would be extremely difficult, and I can imagine the day would probably never end, as we would be bored.

5 Signs that the internet is taking over your lives.

1. Your friends and family  can’t be bothered to call you, instead they tweet, Skype or poke you on facebook.

2. When you justify that walking up and down the office is your weekly exercise done.

3. When your phone, tablet or laptop is with you from the time you wake up till you go to sleep.

4. When you wake up in the middle of the night, wishing you had your computer next to you so that you could complete that one task.

5. When your laptop or tablet is on the dinner table with you.

After taking a step back and actually realising that my whole life revolves around internet, smart phones, tablets, computers, something needed to be done to come out of this cycle. This is what I have found works, and not only breaks up the day, but at the same time improves productivity and makes you more fresher when you are work.

1. Strict time table: this may seem so common, but it works, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, If we set our selves a strict schedule to follow, without being side tracked, distracted, you will notice that your work will get done quicker, which means less time on the computer and more personal time with friends and family.

2. Uninstall unnecessary programs: Most of our time goes on playing around with program and applications that may not necessary improve our business, our work, and it’s more of a pass time, or an addiction, like Angry Birds. Best thing to do is to get rid of such programs.

3. Draw a line, to be honest, the internet and work is not going to go away, nor is it going to change, the only thing that will change is you. Work will never finish, its 12:03 am I am writing this article, you see what I mean, it doesn’t finish, on that note, I’m calling it a day. Forget the article, forget sending that important email, forget social media, when you wake up, they will all still be there, you will be able to continue from where you left off.

Is the internet controlling your life or are you controlling the internet, share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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