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by Wasim Ismail on July 25, 2011

Everyone in business at times want to advertise and bring in more business and revenue to the business. At times we put our advertising banners on other high traffic websites, such as blogs, portals, and forums, in hope to tap into that extra traffic that will help us in our business.

Ideally when we put adverts out on the web with a link to our website, it is best to create a special landing page for those traffic, rather than just sending them to your main home page. Which can be very generic and broad. By having a dedicated landing page for your visitors that have clicked on your add, you will be targeting the page and optimising it for their needs. As they have already clicked on your website because they are interested in your add, and want to found out more. So there is some level of interest in that visitor. You just now need to convince them and convert them into a sale or a a lead, as you have done a lot of work to acquire that traffic. So by offering and showing them what they want or giving them a call of action to carry out you would be able to convert more, rather than just sending them to your home page.

I’m going to outline some important points of putting together the ideal landing page. As when having a landing page the last thing you want is to distract your visitor away from the purpose and the call of action of that landing page.

Call of action: The most important point of your landing page, having a clear call of action on your landing page will give a purpose to your visitor and direct them in the right way. The call of action could be anything, whether its to fill out a form, or to click on the “Buy” button. This clear call of action needs to be simple, and visible on your page. Many of the times the landing page is overdone with design, and other features that the call of action is lost in the page, and your visitor is completely distracted, and before you know it, you have just lost a visitor that you could have converted.

Some call of actions you can do

  • Fill out a simple form – not too complicated
  • An opt in button or a prompt for users to opt into a service or a
  • Ask a question or do a survey
  • Encourage users to subscribe to a mailing list
  • Buy now button to go straight through to the checkout stages.
  • Share the page on Twitter or Facebook.

Simple: When a user comes to your site, they are looking for something, if you can simplify the process of what they are looking for it will help in your conversion rate. When a user comes to your landing page, whatever the call of action maybe for that page, make it simple. Do not over crowd it with lots of design, and features. It may look good to you and many others, but if it doesn’t convert and generate you any leads, there is no use, Simplicity is one of the keys for a perfect landing page.

Images & Videos: As part of keeping your landing page simple as possible, making good use of images, diagrams and videos will capture the interest of your visitor. You can display a sample 30 to 60 seconds video demonstrating your product and services. Followed by a call of action in the video, advising your visitor what to do next.

Above the fold: Keeping your landing page above the fold, will help your visitor by allowing them to see everything on one screen, rather than scrolling up and down. Try to avoid long text, forms, and detailed landing pages, if you can keep everything on one screen, this would help your conversions.

Good Appearance: Many of the times a landing page is really simple, and to be honest boring at times. Your landing page is a onetime opportunity to capture that visitor, they need to be impressed. By taking extra care in the design, and ensuring that your page looks good will defiantly wow your visitors. You do not need to be a graphics designer, just simple things such as:

  • An attractive headline
  • Good use of colour
  • Attractive Call of actions

You can also check out the below info graph.

Perfect Landing Page

By: Formstack

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