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by Wasim Ismail on March 6, 2012

Keyword research is one of the most important tasks in an SEO job.  After all, when you’re talking about diverting traffic and large amounts of website visitors – finding the right keyword is the key.

Take note that getting the right keywords will always guarantee your website traffic – while getting them wrong will mean wasted time and money for something that is not competitive at all or one which does not target the right audience.

Find the right keywords

When doing keyword research, you must first find the main keywords for your content.  These are the words or phrases that you, your visitors and your competition will be using to describe your businesses’ service or product – and are mainly those which will affect your SEO campaign.

Use all possible sources.

For you to maximize full coverage for your keywords, you must make use of all possible sources for client and consumer data.  In other words, you must have an idea or a word that will best describe your business or your product.

Try to talk to your customers, checkout blog sites and surveys in order to know the words that can be associated with your website content. If you want, you can also check on your competition, or other websites with similar contents, products and services as yours to see the keywords that they are using.

Create various contents

You must create various contents to make sure that you get attention from of all types of possible consumers.  After all, you won’t really know what keyword combination a possible client might type in – so, in order to ensure that they find you, create a lot of relevant content about the different aspects of your business. One of the best ways to do this is to have a blog, on your site, and writing relevant articles related to your industry.

Build a keyword list

After you’ve come up with the valid keywords, you’ll need to come up with a list of keyword combinations that might be possibly used by web visitors. Take note though that you will need to do an extensive research on this as you will try to separate the not so working keywords – from those that are widely used.  Again, you can make use of online tools to look for keywords that have high or low competition and those that are highly used.

Stick with target keywords

Keep keywords that best describe your website and those that direct relevant traffic to your website. Now, although it is not harmful to have additional traffic to your website due to indirect keywords – it does not have an advantage either. So you’re basically wasting your time and effort on untargeted keywords.

Look for non-competitive keywords

If you just started your website, you won’t be able to compete with other websites with the same content and same keywords.  Hence, you might want to consider finding non-competitive keywords with high search volume first.

Incorporate the keywords to you content

The technique to properly incorporate these keywords to your content is to start small. You need will to group the keywords first and group them by common keywords.

You can write an article which contains a group of keywords, or if you can, try to write content with each keyword as the main keyword, or use 2 or more keywords in one content page.

Create a content strategy

You need to make an outline on how you will present or post your content, how many pages it will be and how many per niche. You have to take note that having few content of very good quality is far better than lots of content but of poor quality.

Having content with good quality ensures that your link will be shared by visitors that enjoyed reading it. By sharing this link, your website or webpage will have more weight and page ranking.research

You must also constantly update your keywords, because it’s not all the time that a set of keywords would work.  This means that you may need to change your keywords every now and in order to continuously create good quality content.

These are just some of the tips that may help you in creating your website, or in finding the right keyword for your website.  One key point to take away, is that you don’t have to aim for the first position in Search Results for all of your keywords, as a business owner you want results, and at times some of your keywords that do not tank at the top, but will have good targeted traffic, which you would easily be able to convert. So top position may get your the traffic, but not necessary the results, which is what you should be after.

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