Niche Website & Keyword Research

Niche Website & Keyword Research

by Wasim Ismail on September 29, 2011

At the beginning of this year I did my yearly goals, which I set out to achieve from January 1st. We are now coming to the last quarter of the year, and some of my goals I have achieved, some are still pending and some need to be relooked at and changed.

One of them was to build my own niche website from scratch and to get it to the first page of Google. I have now selected by Niche site that I will be building ( I will reveal soon as its launched, and sharing the process here on my blog). There was couple of steps I followed to choose my perfect niche, which I would like to share with you.


The whole idea of building a niche site is that you create a nice niche website, which you target to a particular audience with your products, services, or information that you are providing. The aim is not to target every single person that users the web, as most probably you will not be able to, and fail miserably, your audience may be small, but if you can put your website in front of them, that’s what counts, and that’s what the goal of an niche site would be, is to get the website in front of a small audience, but an audience that are looking for your products.

So the first thing is research, Start off with keyword research, what I did first was to head over to Google and Bing, and enter some keywords that I would like to rank my niche site for. This exercise is just to test the waters, to see what is out there, and what level of competition to expect.  Try different keywords with different strings so that you get a full feel of what the online market for that particular niche is. One thing to look out for is competition, make sure there is some decent level of competition, as no competition means no market, and if there is no market your niche site will not be as successful as most probably no one is looking for what you want to offer, so competition is healthy, it’s good to have some.

After my testing in search engines, I used my Keyword Research tool Market Samurai to carry out some more intense keyword research on my chosen niche, which showed me the below:

Related Keywords, a list of keywords related to my niche that I am looking to target.

Filter out all the bad keywords, so I can get rid of keywords that will not perform, and look at keywords that are golden keywords to my niche, which I can target to get good levels of traffic.

Actual prediction of traffic to expect, what level of traffic to expect if I can achieve first page ranking for that particular keyword.

Predication of number of users actually searching for that keyword – this is very important, as you may feel that users on the web are searching for a keyword that you think is right, but in fact they are searching for a completely different keyword.

Level of competition, again I will be assessing the level of competition, as there would be no point going into a market where the competition is so tuff that my website will not rank for quality keywords.

Market  Samurai Keyword Research

Importance of getting this stage right.

99% of websites fail on the web due to not carrying out or targeting the correct keywords on the web.

Majority of the traffic that will come to the site will be though search engines, and its imperative that the stage of keyword research is done properly, regardless of how long it takes, or  even if it means that you have to change your niche site, as its better to get the foundation right, rather than building everything and then realising that it was a mistake, and changing it than, which will cost time and money spent already.

Now that I have my chosen Niche Market, I am currently in the process of getting together all the content that I will be putting up on my website. I will be sharing my experience and process on my next niche website post.

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