Providing Value For Your Customers

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by Wasim Ismail on May 17, 2012

Businesses are generally built on the value that they provide and offer to their customer, and offering what their customers want. If your customer feels that they are getting the best value, they will genially recommend and return back to you. Now value doesn’t always necessary mean value for money. It could mean anything related to the business such as:

– Products

– Services

– Price

– Overall experience

5 Simple ways to provide value for your customers.

The key is not to over complicate things, the simpler your keep it, the more your customers will appreciate your services and products.

Listen: One of the best ways that you can provide value back to your customers, is by taking on board feedback, whether it’s good or bad, think of it in a positive way, and see where you can improve. Most of the times your customers will not leave a feedback when something good happens, unless you ask for a feedback, generally feedback are given when something goes wrong, but whatever the scenario, take time to listen and pay attention to what the customer is saying, and look into how you can implement this into your business.

These days your customers may not even generally give you a feedback directly, but instead mention your brand on the web such as on Social Media sites, forums, and blogs. Your business needs to be ready and adapt to the way users interact and share their experience. To do this you could set up alerts, or use special programs that tracks and searches for your brand names on social media platforms, so every time its mentioned, you get notified, so that you can respond accordingly.

Staying tuned and listening to what your customers are saying will help you offer quality service within your brand.

Be the best: This may be something obvious, but at times it can be easily slipped, as I believe, if you’re going to do something, give it your full 100% or it’s not worth doing it. Same goes with the products and services that you offer, make sure that they are the best to your capability. If not look into how you can fix this. As if your products are good, and your service is great, regardless of the price you are charging, your customers will prefer to come to you over your competitors, even though they may under cutting your price, but they will not be able to match the service and quality that you have to offer.

five digitsSell yourself as a whole package, and experience that your customers get. The after support, the assurance, and everything else that your business can offer. Become leaders, and to become leaders you need to get excited and passionate about what you do.

Keep up to date and stay ahead: In whatever industry that you may be in, keep up to date with the latest trends and changes. If new technology is being used within your industry, than you should aim to be at the forefront of it and implement this into your business.

Reward your customers: One thing that everyone likes is being rewarded. When you reward your customers, this goes a long way, your customers will appreciated doing business with you, and they will also know that you value them. Come up with ways of how you can reward your customers.

Now you’ve got to the end, if you have noticed I haven’t mentioned 5 ways 🙂 , I would like you to share the 5th point, what other ways would you like to add to the list, in which one can offer value to  customers.

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