The FAQ Page: How You Can Use It To Your Advantage

The FAQ Page How You Can Use It To Your Advantage

by Wasim Ismail on February 28, 2012

Most websites today no longer have a FAQ button or page because there are some web developers who find it unnecessary to have one. This is why some of these guys usually tend forget to include an FAQ when they are planning for their site – or if there is already an existing FAQ page, this is usually the first one that is eliminated during redesigning.

This trend has been going on in new websites because of strategies that say that an FAQ page in the website is irrelevant – most especially when all the needed pieces of information are already contained in the site’s content.  Many also think that only a small number of web surfers check the FAQ page of the website.

It must be noted, however, that though some surfers do not really care about the FAQ page – some visitors actually do.  In fact, many find this page more convenient to check rather than browsing other pages to look for the information they need.  Besides, an FAQ page is quite essential – most especially if you want to assess visitor’s behaviors.

Here are some additional reasons as to why a website must have an FAQ page:

Visitors can very impatient, and want answers quick.  Today, marketers, surfers and web visitors want everything fast and quick.  Most of these guys want quick online business transactions, fast payment methods and direct and precise information.

Most also feel browsing all the pages or most of the pages on a website will only take a lot of time, and worse – if they have additional questions and inquiries, they will have to browse the website again and again just to find the answers.

With this mentality of visitors to “grab and go”, it can be reasonably gleaned that getting the right information either for research, lead generation or any other activities, must be done with the least amount of time.

It must also be noted that FAQ pages answer important questions.  And since these pages contain the most frequently asked questions and most appropriate answers – then this can be obviously a very efficient way of converting your visitors into customers.

Indeed, by providing a FAQ page in your website with all the needed information – you can easily entice visitors to make the purchase.  However, you must likewise take note of the rule of the thumb for any strategy – and this is that if you’re going to do something – you might as well do it right.  Otherwise don’t even bother doing it.FAQ Key

Here are some additional tips on how to create an effective FAQ page:

  1. Present your FAQ pages in question and answer form. As mentioned earlier, visitors have already existing questions on their mind even before they start reading the website content.  Hence, by presenting your FAQ pages in question and answer form, the visitor can easily look for the right question in mind and look for the appropriate answers – making the inquiry much more effective and faster.
  2. Make your FAQ page a directory of your content. If you already presented your FAQ page in a question and answer form but don’t want to stuff the page with too much information – then the best thing to do is to provide links in your FAQ page that will direct the visitors to another page such as a blog post on your site that will answer the question more thoroughly.
  3. Avoid information stuffing. This is another common mistake as to why visitors don’t really check out FAQ pages.  Try to limit your answers to just 3-4 sentences.  Through this, the visitor can easily grasp the idea.  Afterwards, you can again provide links that can be clicked for additional answers.
  4. Provide emphasis on vital information. By highlighting certain keywords on your FAQ page, a visitor will be able to look for the right questions with regards his inquiry and of course, the right answers as well.  This will also help keep focus on the more important aspects of your company, products or services.
  5. Update your FAQ page regularly. Contents in your website are constantly updated – and this means that so must your FAQ page be. This is necessary in order to adapt to the changes of the information in your website, thereby making it even more complete.  And the more complete everything is – the better everything will be.

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