Choosing the right email program

email January 31, 2013

Once you have captured email address via your website or through any other source that you use, you want to send out marketing emails to these emails addresses. What is the best way to do this so that you get maximum benefit. Some companies still prefer to use Outlook (yes outlook to send out marketing […]

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Strategies for Social Media Optimization

business strategy September 4, 2012

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the process of sharing content over the Internet and hoping to gain followers and other positive feedbacks. There are a lot of social networks available for you to share your content to and which followers can use for viewing them. The ultimate goal of SMO is to increase traffic […]

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How to Generate Interest for your Mobile App

Mobile app August 28, 2012

Mobile marketing is only going on one direction – and this is up. Proof of this statement is the thousands of mobile apps hitting the market every day, making it even bigger. However, this also makes it harder to promote mobile apps to customers – as the competition can get tougher. The most common reason […]

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Psychological Tricks to Create Conversion

hand shake July 31, 2012

Business has been successfully using psychology to create effective marketing strategy over the years. And this is because by simply studying consumer behavior and how they react to a certain marketing promotion, one is able to make the necessary adjustments accordingly. In other words, with the help of psychology, business owners can better understand the […]

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How To Do Effective Content Marketing

vortex June 26, 2012

Some simple ways of content marketing. Create new ideas New is always fresh – and fresh is always interesting. If you can come up with really good and fresh ideas to talk about then you have no problems competing in the content battle.  This is a fact. Ideas are what create interest among visitors, marketers […]

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SEO tips on Google Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph June 21, 2012

Google has just released another algorithm related to search engine result pages – and this is the Google Knowledge Graph, which is aimed at eliminating users’ frustrations and abandonment of search pages because of the sole reason that they did not find any relevant answers to their questions. This is the latest among Google advancements […]

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Easy ways to increase Facebook ad efficiency

cash register June 14, 2012

One of the most common issues among online marketers in Facebook is that although they have a decent number of CTRs, they tend to get very low conversion rates.  And this is why they ask: How to create an efficient ad campaign in Facebook? Here are some useful tips to do it: Create a clear […]

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How to Keep Your Key Customers With You

key April 5, 2012

We all know that its easier to sell to existing clients than to go out and acquire new business although it takes a bit of time to build trust with your clients in order to make them stick with you, but the whole process is much more rewarding, here are some useful tips that can […]

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Select the right keywords for your business

keyword research March 6, 2012

Keyword research is one of the most important tasks in an SEO job.  After all, when you’re talking about diverting traffic and large amounts of website visitors – finding the right keyword is the key. Take note that getting the right keywords will always guarantee your website traffic – while getting them wrong will mean […]

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Social Media Action & Business Events

Social Media Action & Business Events February 2, 2012

Last week I had a chance to work with Baked Bites from Leicester in promoting their business online at a Wedding Exhibition. Overall the plan basically was to give out free cupcakes to everyone that likes the company on Facebook and recommend the company to five of their followers, as Baked Bites Facebook page had […]

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