Engagement, Married and BT 2006

While I was doing my Herbalife business, I met my wife Aqsa Maryam, to whom I got engaged and married to on Oct 28th 2006 at the age of 21, some say I got married young, but I had found my perfect life partner, we were both happy, so I thought why delay, let’s get married. – I have no regrets, as she’s supported me one everything I do, and stood by me. We now have a beautiful daughter who’s the gem of our lives.

Couple of months after my marriage, I wanted to take things a bit easy, so I got myself my first job, working for someone else, as a business sales executive in BT. The role involved talking to SMEs in the UK, selling to them telecoms from telephone line, broadband, VOIP services, and other business products to help them operate and communicate within the business. Within the first 8 months I got myself a permanent contract and became a full time BT employee. The first year in my job, I won an award for two to go on a five star fully paid holiday to Singapore and Malaysia, with the director of our sector of business.

Working for a large corporate organisation, I got to learn a lot, especially how to deal with different types of customers, my customer service skills improved dramatically (I don’t think I had any before), and also learnt how to do business with other business.

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