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You can easily stay up-to-date with new posts and articles on my blog by subscribing to my RSS Feed. Which is done very easily by clicking on to my feed link:  Wasim RSS feed

First of all What is RSS Wasim RSS feed

RSS standards for Really Simple Syndication or in other terms Rich Site Summary, which is used by many news sites, blogs, and publishers to syndicate their articles on line via feeds.

Why Subscribe to RSS Wasim' blog RSS feed

Its simple, you get the latest updates and are kept informed at one single place, rather then going from site to site, to see if there is anything new on their. Once a site updates something, you are informed. Saving you time and hassle.

How can I subscribe

There are many options to subscribing to RSS, to keep it simple, you need an RSS reader, which are available in various forms, online and on desktops, some popular web based ones are:

Google Reader
My Yahoo

Most browsers such as Firefox, Safari, allow you to add Feeds to bookmarks, which you can easily access, and most email clients, such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and Gmail, all have features or plugins which allow you to subscribe to feeds, for you to view in your email clients.

Once you have registered and decided where you want your feeds to be delivered.

Option 1 – Feed Reader

1. You just need to click on my Feed Icon at the top right hand corner,
2. A new page will open up, Copy the link
3. Paste it into your Feed reader
4. Enjoy the latest articles being delivered straight to you

Option 2 – Email updates

1. Enter your email address at the top right hand corner
2. Click on Subscribe
3. Enjoy the latest articles being emailed direct to you.


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