Herbalife Years 2003 – 2005

One evening while I was surfing the internet looking for an extra job for some more income while I complete my studies, I must have entered my details on some website, which to me looked attractive and appealing. Couple of days later I had a call from a guy called Matthew, who was telling me all about a new business proposition that’s just come to the UK.

At first I thought it was a scam, how can someone just call you and tell you that he has a business that I can get into, and he’s willing to share with me. But for some reason, Matthew persuaded me to come to a local meeting at Hilton hotel. I thought to myself, what have I got to loose, besides my Sunday lye inn. So I got couple of friends together, and we went to see what this business was all about.

After a 3-hour presentation, I was quite pleased, and I could see my self-running this new home based business. The following week I signed up, and invested in buying my starter kit. Now I don’t know anything about health and nutrition, so the first thing I had to do was know my business. I read books and book on health and nutrition, my family thought I had become some sort of a health freak, but all this helped, me position my products and approach new customers, as I knew what I was talking about, and they could also see this.

The business had stages and within the first six month I could myself to a supervisor level, and then later on went to World Team level, where I had recruiting a good team of members to join me and helped them setup their own little home based business. I would say these are the years which really pushed me and got me out of my safe zone, as I had to go to meetings, conferences, meet various people from different backgrounds, it was challenging and exciting. I enjoyed every bit of it.

There were times when I had my own stall in the local shopping mall, carrying out BMI (Body Mass Index) tests on everyone, and up selling my products. My home based business was expanding, and I had a good solid customer based which I needed to give more time too, so once a week, I hired out a port cabin at the local college, and held nutrition clubs. Everyone was invited and had to pay a small fee (to cover my costs), where I would talk about health and nutrition, again selling products to the locals. At first thought who would come to my nutrition club, but I was shocked, every week it was a full house, new faces, existing customers. Everyone enjoyed an hour with me and we all ate and drank healthy milkshakes J

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