My Business Goals for 2011

by Wasim Ismail on December 31, 2010

This year has been challenging with its up's and down's, and to be honest the year has just flown past so fast, it seems like yesterday when I was in London for the fire work display to enter 2010. This year has been more of a learning experience for me, in setting up and testing online business, and setting up the foundations that are core in my business. Earlier in the year I got more pro active in my web solutions blog, and last month I launched my own personal blog. At the same time I and my team have been working on setting up other online business’s which are due to be launched in 2011. New Year Goals This time of the year, is normally when everyone is setting resolutions and gaols for the year to come. I want to share my goals and targets with my readers here, which will also encourage me to accomplish and meet my goals, as I have announced it with my readers, and it's only right if I work towards them, and meet the goals set.

The goals that anyone sets should be S.M.A.R.T

S = Strategic: The goal should be clear, and to the point, something specific with a call of action

M = Measurable: a goal that you can measure the success, and see how much you have achieved of your goal

A =Achievable: A goal that is gets the best out of your and at the same time achievable

R = Realistic: Something that is realistic, and not to far fetched, there not harm in setting high expectation, but something realistic to what you can achieve and have the resources to achieve.

T = Time: A goal that you can set a correct time scale to, you should give realistic time scale to achieve your goal

Here are My Goals for 2011

Help 60 Business Setup Online

Help at least 60+ businesses this year, in establishing an online presence, from coaching them on the steps to take to go online, assist them in the online process, and help them with their marketing of their online business. This will be in setting up websites, training on online markets and search engine optimisation of their website, which works out to be 5 businesses a month. Click here to see more about making your presence known online.

Build My Personal Blog to 1,500 RSS Subscribes

Work towards achieving 1,500 RSS subscribes for my personal blog, I use Google Feed burner to measure my RSS subscribers. I also will be posting at least 3 articles a week on my personal blog, and aim to post one guest article a week other blogs.

At the same time I will be aiming to write one post a week on my web solutions blog. Of course there will be regular posts on the web solutions blog by our writers, at least 3-4 articles a week will be published on there.

Launch of Hidden Genius

In the first quarter of 2011, I will be launching a new business Hidden Web Genius, which is mainly targeting designing and development agencies, freelancers, and business that are looking to hire their own personal in house designer or developer. They will be able to contact Hidden Web Genius with their requirements and hire a personal in house designer and developer that will work for them remotely.

In 2011 after the launch will be working on marketing and positioning this new venture online, with adverts online and offline, SEO, and networking.

Launch of Amazing Wedding Cards

I have been working this year in getting my suppliers, arranging costs, and developing and testing the site that will offer custom made wedding cards, which is now in its final stage, in the 2nd quarter of this year, I will be launching Amazing Wedding Card website, which will supply custom made wedding cards. Once the launch is done, I will be working on marketing and promoting the website.

Towards the end of the year, I will be introducing new features and services to the amazing wedding cards website, which will be related to the wedding industry. Stay tuned for the updates.

1,500 Twitter Followers

I joined twitter earlier this year, and the figures keep going up and down, it’s been more of a roller coaster ride, but I have worked out a plan of action to enhance my twitter account, and work towards achieving 1,500 followers by the end of December 2011. Which I believe is achievable and realistic, which can be done by networking more within my industry.


Write an in-depth e-book all about the secrets of setting up a successful business online, the A-Z full user guide, which I will be offering for free to my readers. I aim to complete this by summer 2011. This will be in a downloadable PDF format, an online e-book format and an audio podcast for users to listen too.

A Niche Market Websites

I am currently looking for a right niche market website to launch, something small and achievable, which will focus on generating a passive income for me. A site that that will offer an e-book about the niche or a some good advice. Once I have launched it I want to get the website to the first page of Google. I will be announcing my Niche Website during the course of this year, and how I am marketing and promoting the niche website to the top of Google here on my personal blog, like a month to month dairy to getting your niche site to the top of Google.

Hopefully all of you have set your goals for 2011, whether it is small or big it’s something to set the focus and mindset for the year.






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