Launch of Alrayes Early 2009

While working at BT, I wanted to do establish something else, and get back into business, but the big question that was lingering in my head was, What business shall I start, what can I do, which I enjoy and will stick to it. I even hired a personal development coach, who made me carry out various tasks, to really get me thinking, I actually hired her for some information and training in the shares market, but we differed towards thinking what business I could establish, and where I would like to see myself going. The first couple of months what I did was jotted down all the business ideas that I would like to start in a note book, I did this for three months, where I was just brainstorming various ideas and jotting them down.

After this period I than shortlisted my list of ideas to 5 ideas that I really liked, which I could see myself establishing a good business with them. Once I got to this stage I had to choose one idea to proceed with and my passion for the internet, and love of creating new ideas, along with helping other business succeed online and make their presence known, the business I launched was a web solutions business (Alrayes Web Solutions).

I had basic knowledge of HTML and I wanted to become better at it along with also get some good solid training on design and graphics. I joined VTC (Virtual Training Company), and in the evenings I started to study various topics from HTML, Dreamweaver, Joomla, Photoshop, you name it, I clocked in hours and hours of training on this site. While training and getting to know the fundamentals of a Web Solutions company, I need to get some customer and build awareness locally.  One of the first form of marketing I did after building my basic website was to print some calendars with my company details on, and gave them out for Free to all the local business. This got my first step through the door, and my phones started to ring.

I still remember the first client I got for this business, who’s still with me till this date, going to meet them  in their office, I had to give an impression that I build websites all day long, and have a solid customer base. After couple of hours of charming, I managed to secure the deal, and the feeling was great, my first customer of my online business. From here I built my business on referrals, and word of mouth, keeping customer satisfaction the main priority of my business.

Today Alrayes has over 200 customers, and we offer a wide range of services from website design, development, to marketing and promoting websites online along with also printing services for business to get all their promotion and marketing materials under one roof. I have also built my own team of 15 members consisting of developers, web designers, graphic designers and marketing experts in the online industry.

The online industry is always changing and new things happening all the time, every sing day of Alrayes I learn something new meeting new clients, talking to existing clients on how they can improve their business, the challenge I enjoy and see the fruits of it every single day.

Launch of -Nov 2010

One late winter evening of 2010, I decided what I have learnt about the online business, by helping other business, and also dealing with the industry every single day, I wanted to share my expertise and thoughts of what I have learnt. The best way to do this, I felt was by launching my own personal blog, which will give me a platform to share my thoughts and voice, hence the launch of this blog alongside Alrayes I also make time out to write frequently on this blog.

Launch of Hidden Web Genius 2011

Being in the online business, many other web developers and companies started to approach me asking me if I know of any developers or designers that they can hire out for their business, project or task. What I decided to do was build a small portal for larger companies or design agency…etc looking to hire an in-house designer or developer to contact us via HiddenWebGenius and actually hire directly a designer or developer according to their needs.

This is the current venture that I am establishing, and it’s still very early days, and it’s looking promising, taking into consideration, that the only form of marketing we have done is Search Engine optimisation.

My Time Line

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