eBooks Over Published Books

by Wasim Ismail on May 30, 2011

Over the internet, we can do much with our handy devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets. They can now hold almost all of our digital needs we want such as mp3s, videos, photos, documents and even eBooks. We can carry a music store or an eBook library in a smart phone. Despite those tangible objects such as CDs, photo albums and books may bear some sentimental passions; most of us choose to use digital devices for the sake of practicality and portability.

In connection, eBook downloading and reading are among the brilliant uses of our technology especially for those bookworms. We can now have the choice to read a certain eBook first before buying a hardback copy. This is indeed practical especially for today’s students and technical readers, and even business owners.

I have a folder on my computer where I store all my eBooks, now if I had printed copies of these, I would probably need to buy another bookshelves to store all of these eBooks. Some of them to be honest I haven't read, some of them I have read, but they are there for reference, as at times I might need to go and search for something, I have it all at the tip of my figures.

One of the first eBooks I bought when I started my blog was 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

We may say that an eBooks is a digital version of a book. It can be the same amount of contents of a book but most of the time an eBook is shorter than a common book that we buy yet longer than a common article. The popularity of eBooks can be threats to some publishers especially those who produce academic books hence it increases online sales and speed of the circulation of information on the internet.

  1. eBooks are portable. As we travel, we can carry collections of eBooks everywhere we go unlike with bringing common books. Despite that, we cannot display any on our bookshelves, we can read and collect eBooks anywhere and anytime we want.
  2. eBooks can be cheaper. eBooks lessen the cost of materials like papers or inks. E-Publishers can also save on product delivery. They just need to publish eBooks on websites and sell for users to download.
  3. eBooks are navigational. Since eBooks are digital, features such as displaying books pages and other related collection of books somewhere in your device screen are all available. You do not need to take so much effort in opening page per page of a normal book.
  1. eBooks are more available. Since an eBook is digital, it is easier to create and distribute. EBooks can also be available worldwide. With this, searching from eBooks for the right information we want is easier than going to a library and manually look for what you need.
  1. EBooks are easier and cheaper to market. EBooks are online. You do not even need to hire marketers to promote your book. You can do it yourself via social media marketing, effective content writing or reviews, SEO, blogging and more.
  1. Buying an eBook is more convenient. You can shop and download as much number of eBooks you want in a few clicks and anywhere you want.
  1. Submitting eBooks for e-publishing can be easier than submitting to hardback publishing houses. Despite that it may take time for an eBook approval due to possible massive submissions, rejections can be lesser than submitting to a concrete publishing house. The more eBooks that an e-publishing website can display, the more options that their buyers will have. It is also easier to manipulate displays of possible selling eBooks.

Some still buy loads of books for the sake of collections and investments. Hence, we can say that most of us especially those students and technical readers now prefer collecting eBooks rather than published books, I know I do.

What are your thoughts, do you prefer paper copies or the ease of going though an eBook?

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