Fast Forward Technique – Complete Every Task As You Planned

Fast Forward Technique

by Wasim Ismail on January 17, 2012

Recently I attended some training about sales techniques and psychology. One of the lessons I learnt from there which I would like to share with you. As it’s very powerful and can actually make a big difference to the way you approach things generally.

Its believing in yourself that you can achieve anything you want. Now not on a larger scale even on a smaller scale such as doing your daily arras, such as meeting deadlines, or finding a parking spot, or not to eat any chocolates today. Whatever it may be. Before you aim to start the day, if you just take a moment to picture yourself actually carrying out the task that you want to achieve, and picturing yourself completing these tasks.

The technique is actually called the Fast Forward Technique, which is a simple technique to help you overcome difficult tasks, control your emotions and achieve what you want.

For example if you are about to go into a meeting with a client. If you just take a moment to picture yourself meeting that client,  discussing your agenda, and also picturing what you want the outcome to be. So now you have a full scenario in your mind on how you want this meeting to go, and what you achieve by the time you finish.

By doing this you have set your mind, and fully motivated in achieving the end result. When you do meet the client, the conversation and the way you want things to happen in the meeting will be in your control, as you have already pictured yourself doing this from before.

The above example is of a simple scenario, but again you can do this by Fast Forwarding, 1 month 6 months a year or even couple of years down the line. You will start to do things differently and take a different approach to the situation.

You can apply this technique not just in business in your personal goals as well, by having a clear mindset and a picture of what you want to achieve, and how you want things to go, you will start to put all the necessary requirements into place to achieve the end goal.

What I do now, is every morning I do a quick fast forward in what I want to achieve out of this day, and how I want things to go. By the time noon comes, I have already completed most of my daily’s tasks, which leaves me to work on other new projects and also building my business.

Some tips on what you can use the Fast Forward Technique on:

Sales  – Before going into a sales pitch, fast forwarding till the end.

Business – Fast Forwarding your business plan and picturing your business in 6 months, 1 year, 5 or even 10 years.

Projects – Fast forwarding to the end of the project , and what you are looking to achieve out of the project.

Daily Chores: Meetings, calls, business tasks, house hold activity….etc

Personal Goals: Family, house, diet, new car, getting married… you name it 🙂

Have you tried the Fast Forward technique? Whether you’re in business or just use it for your personal stuff,  share your experience with us in the comments below, does it work for you, or have you tried something else?

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