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Customizing your Video Clip Using YouTube’s Media Editor

video cam with film August 2, 2012

Compared to available desktop editing programs, the YouTube video editor is not that advanced; it is simple. What makes it a powerful and useful tool is the fact that it’s integrated into the world’s most popular and largest video sharing site. Here are some of the things you can do with the YouTube editor: 1. […]

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Overview of QR Codes

QR Code June 12, 2012

Definition QR-Codes are two-dimensional barcode (datamatrix) that is designed to have its contents decoded at a high speed. Quick Background QR codes mainly came to the scene when they were used to track part by manufactures of vehicles, companies saw this opportunity and understood how this technology could be used elsewhere. Now the biggest use […]

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Mobile Applications – How To Use Them For Your Business

mobile March 20, 2012

As you may have noticed, using smart phones has become one of the biggest trends nowadays – which has given birth to M-commerce, or mobile marketing.  Hence, it would be to your advantage if you made use of these mobile apps for your business.  Here are some aspects of mobile apps that you can put […]

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How to use Automation for your online business

How to use Automation for your online business February 16, 2012

As online businesses have progressed – so has marketing tools that help businesses increase their profits and sales. This is made possible either by the optimization of their sites and page ranking, to the more recently introduced innovation – which is marketing automation. Today, some online businessess are already using automation in their online business, without […]

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Backing up your website

December 5, 2011

WordPress Backup Plugins: Automatic WordPress Backup Backup Buddy Joomla Backup Extensions Akeeba Backup Other Links Mentioned Amazon S3  

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Tip Top Tips On How To Build Your Own Web Site

Build Your Website August 11, 2011

The World Wide Web – where would we be without it?  The Internet has become such an integral part of our daily lives – that for most, it is the first thing one opens when he gets home, while the last thing one closes before leaving the house is his favorite webpage or website, as […]

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How to Nurture Your Online Business

May 3, 2011

Once you have set up your online business, and started to promote and build your brand online, what's the best way to manage everything and carry out all of your tasks. Especially if you're a one man band, and your trying to really build your online presence, you will probably have a huge tasks list […]

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When conference calls go wrong

March 21, 2011

Conference calls have many benefits to businesses and business people. They allow real-time communication and brainstorming between members of a team, regardless of where in the world they are. Their use can allow some team-members to work from home without losing the vital collaboration that a successful team requires. However, it is important to be […]

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5 Benefits of conference calls

March 17, 2011

Conference call services are an indispensible telecommunications tool in today’s business world. No matter what the size of your business, if you regularly require contact with clients or business partners using conference calls is both a hassle free and cost effective way to coordinate your business operations and hold important meetings. What follows are five […]

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What is CRM?

February 28, 2011

Customer Relationship Management – more conveniently referred to as CRM – is the process by which a business handles its relationships with its customers, a group which will comprise of new sales leads, existing customers and clients. CRM plays a central role in the success of modern businesses, regardless of their size. It utilises sophisticated […]

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