Psychological Tricks to Create Conversion

hand shake July 31, 2012

Business has been successfully using psychology to create effective marketing strategy over the years. And this is because by simply studying consumer behavior and how they react to a certain marketing promotion, one is able to make the necessary adjustments accordingly. In other words, with the help of psychology, business owners can better understand the […]

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Customer Profiling – Understanding Your Online Clients

Online Clients April 3, 2012

Sometimes we ask ourselves, what is the importance of customer profiling? Is it really necessary? The answer is – if you don’t want to spend time, money and marketing strategies on useless individuals – then YES! As online marketers, it is essential that we know how customers think, feel, and react towards our online business, […]

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How to Create a Sales Page that Converts

April 19, 2011

A website is the online presentation of a certain entity, either for business or personal purposes. And the most important part of it especially for those businesses is the landing page. If you are offering a certain service or product, your landing page might as well be a Sales Page. Any web page can be […]

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