The Elements of Building Steady Twitter Followers

follow me August 9, 2012

One of the major concerns among Twitter accounts is how to increase followers. Fortunately, there many ways of making this possible. First of all, you must consider that Twitter is composed of individuals with different needs, wants, and interest. And for you to attract them to follow you, you need to have certain principles to […]

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Importance of Good Friends in Business & Work

Good Friends in Business July 12, 2011

Fiends come to us from infancy, through to old age.  We make friends at nursery, through to university – even at the super market, or even when we are at the doctors waiting room.  Wherever we go, we form friendships of varying strengths, with various people.   Their value remains constant, no matter our age, or […]

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Similarities Between Business and Tennis

Similarities Between Business and Tennis June 20, 2011

I recently joined my local tennis club, as Wimbledon has also started today, playing in my local park meant waiting around for a court to be free, which at times would be hours.  So instead I decided to join my local tennis club, where I had more freedom, of coming and playing when I like, […]

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Common Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

May 12, 2011

There are many mistakes that many a young entrepreneurs have made. It ranges from small mistakes, to larger mistakes, all of which have cost them time, money, and even their ultimate dream. If you are starting out on your own projects, then learn from the following tips on how to avoid these mistakes that many […]

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What to keep in mind when you create a blog

February 25, 2011

Earlier this week I got an email from someone along the lines of: “Just saw your website amongst the top blogger sites and would like to inform you that your website is one of the cleanest that I have seen. I want to know what to keep in mind when you create a blog and […]

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Stepping out of your comfort Zone in Business

February 24, 2011

I usually travel to Dubai for work on a regular basis, and once there my normal routine involves me spending all my time in the office and then back into my hotel room.(sad I know)  but that is what I am there for, to do some work, to meet my clients and to grow my […]

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Is It Worth Going to University?

February 10, 2011

Are you thinking of going to University  this year? Are you determined to undertake a minimum of three years study for what could amount to a twenty thousand pound-plus fee? Perhaps you should think again. Many students go to University with the overall long term goal of improving job prospects which can lead to a wider variety […]

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10 Qualities of a Successful Online Entrepreneur

January 18, 2011

Being an online entrepreneur you can easily get distracted and sidetracked. Below are 10 qualities you can embrace to become a successful online entrepreneur. Focus – Have a clear goal in mind of what you’re looking to achieve Determination – Be determined that you can be successful, no matter what happens Eager – Eager to […]

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The Online Entrepreneur

December 14, 2010

There are so many websites online stating you can make money online using various methods and techniques, and there are thousands of people searching online everyday on how to make money online. By choosing one of these online methods or techniques to generate an income does this mean that your an online entrepreneur?….. Not quite! […]

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