5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

lens blogs August 21, 2012

The ultimate goal for all bloggers is to have a steady increase of traffic that will convert into followers and customers. Though many have become successful in building traffic to their blog sites, others are still struggling to get that much needed audience for their blogs. Take note that aside from dedication and hard work, […]

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SEO tips on Google Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph June 21, 2012

Google has just released another algorithm related to search engine result pages – and this is the Google Knowledge Graph, which is aimed at eliminating users’ frustrations and abandonment of search pages because of the sole reason that they did not find any relevant answers to their questions. This is the latest among Google advancements […]

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How to build quality links with Google penguin

magnifying glass June 19, 2012

Another blow came to SEO experts and online marketers in the form of Google’s latest Algorithm, the Google Penguin. This is in line with the fact that with Google’s new algorithm, the old ways of creating links to build traffic won’t automatically put your website on the top of the page rank anymore.  Why? This […]

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Interview with Heather Lloyd-Martin –

Heather Lloyd-Martin May 8, 2012

I had a pleasure to ask Heather Lloyd-Martin a few questions in relation to SEO and copywriting, and thank her for taking time out from her busy schedule. For my Readers that haven’t come across you yet, tell us briefly about your background, and how you got into SEO Copywriting? I was working as an […]

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5 benefit on how video’s can help your online presence

video cam May 3, 2012

More and more business are starting to record videos and upload them on the web using platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Google Plus. Having a video on your website gives a whole new prospects to the user experience of your web page. Generally users prefer not to read, but watching a 2 minutes video […]

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What I learnt from #BrightonSEO

Brighton SEO panel 2012 April 17, 2012

Reconsideration request to Google When sending a reconsideration request to Google, what Google wants to see, is that you have made a genuine attempt to solve the problem, which may have caused your site to be de ranked. If you can explain what you did. Scenario: If your website has been De Ranked due to […]

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Make Yourself Worthy Of Ranking High In Search Results

Make Yourself Worthy Or Ranking High January 19, 2012

When you launch on the world wide web, you want to rank well, and get traffic to your site. The day your website goes on the world wide web, I’m sure you carry out some searches on Google to look out for your website, and to see where it is in the search results. Many […]

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Building a Trust online & I Want To Deal With You Factor

Building Online Business Trust January 2, 2012

How much time do we spend building our brand and reputation. I’m sure its countless, but why do we do it. We invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year into building our brand, and many larger corporate organisations spend even millions in securing their brand, and ensure that the right message and image […]

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How To Maintain Your Rankings – Despite Google Panda Hovering Over You

How To Maintain Your Rankings October 27, 2011

One of the most recent concerns among bloggers nowadays are the updates made with Google Panda. These changes have greatly affected SEO marketing in the sense that these have limited keyword links and the classifications of documents depending on their quality and content. Now, if you are one of the bloggers and site owners who […]

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Niche Website & Keyword Research

Niche Website & Keyword Research  September 29, 2011

At the beginning of this year I did my yearly goals, which I set out to achieve from January 1st. We are now coming to the last quarter of the year, and some of my goals I have achieved, some are still pending and some need to be relooked at and changed. One of them […]

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