I would say I have been privileged with good upbringing thanks to my parents; I was born in Leicester, England, UK, in June 1985. My dad originally from East Africa and my mum who was from Leicester, England. This is where I spent most of my childhood.

At the age of five we migrated to Tanzania (East Africa) due to my dad’s work, and we spend 5 years out there, which I still remember, the seaside and the beautiful sunsets and the adventures safaris we use to go to on our holidays. While we were out there, I was privileged to go to a private school, so that my studies were not affected, and continued with the British national curriculum. Living in a country where there was allot of poverty also made me think and appreciate what I have, and be thank full, as there are others out there who are less fortunate.

I always use to enjoy going to my dad’s office, and sitting on the big chair, spinning it around, as kids usually do, and from young age, I had an ambition to run my own business, I just loved the office environment, the desks, and also at times I use to go to meetings with my dad, due to my age, I was not allowed into the meeting rooms, but it use to give me a thrill just going around on my day of school.

We moved back to England, after five years; when I was approximately 10-11 years of age and continued by studies, where I went on to do my GCSE’s and A-levels. My first computer I had was when I was 12 years old, at that time the internet was not such of a big deal, and I mostly used it for studding and playing games, along with running study applications on CDs.

We first got the Internet in 2000 at home, and I remember creating email address for all my family members, and was excited. Most of my time online at that age was spent chatting to friends on msn messenger, when I was not studying or doing research for my A Levels exams.

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